Announcement of HNY on bitcointalk forum

hi guys
for people who are in crypto since many years, you should know one of the old and best forum about bitcoin and altcoin

this forum still have many visitor, so i create a topic about HNY on it

if you have already an account on bitcointalk (or not) i invite you to comment the post to create some buzz and try to convince some new guys to join the project

here the link of the announcement on bitcointalk

if you have friend with old account on bitcointalk (legendary status, hero etc) tell us to answer on the thread it will add value and serious to the project)


i will update it regulary if there is important news to put on it

Please do not rely on bitcointalk forum for promoting this project. I was past member of bitcointalk forum for 4-5 years and my experience says that forum is managed only by few people who think world works as per there wish. Just sharing my experience.

not agree with you, many visitor so it’s a place to be