Announcing Cold Truth Culture AIRDROP $COLD

1 Hive no es ni el 0,1% del mercado aunque la distribucion nunca sera justa si se beneficia desde un comienzo a los mas grandes , aunque esto puede ser beneficioso para ti ya que los mas grandes adquieren un peso por el cual deben trabajar o vender en el futuro.

Investigue un poco , es interesante , espero no sea una moneda especulativa por que existe liquides de degens en el mercado ya que en 1 Hive se construye para el largo plazo , soy accionista de SNAFU y, podrian unirse? crear mas de lo mismo en un producto en una comunidad pequeña nos lleva a separarnos , generar bandos debemos estar juntos, trabajar juntos.

It only works out that way because many in 1hive just happen to be in the agave community so it’s likely to happen but the first airdrop is expected to weed some of the paper hands. Ultimately goal is as you stated to get into as many hands as possible. And those interested in the community and what it’s trying to accomplish can buy while mcap is submicron cap, hodl and farm for some more cold tokies.

I don’t see why not if we share similar visions partnerships are a good thing for helping the community. The communities that were targeted were chosen because of their loyalty not because they are top 5 largest mcap token. Community first.

Yes, but when we are small when we separate we lose power we lose our chances of success, this is the COLD contract ? 0xdbcade285846131a5e7384685eaddbdfd9625557

Yes, I think we are all for combining and growing together if similar vision is shared

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Yes, I think it would be the best thing to do, we must defend ourselves or else we will simply disappear.

Cold Truth Culture has a long term vision to support artists and build a strong community that will work together with other DAOs and projects providing services in art design, we are here to stay! As one of the first genesis projects to utilize the Unifty NFT ecosystem we have helped and offered assistance to many other projects looking to establish an NFT range or project including SNAFU, AhegaoDAO, Agave and many others. We are supporters SNAFU as their long term vision and goals align with ours and will continue to work together and support each other. Thank you for taking the time to research our project CTC and learn more about what we are doing with NFTs and DAOs!


what do you mean defend ourselves?

corruption has advanced a lot in the market, times are coming with very little volume few users, many at this time are for the money, when this will not be very few will remain

Surprised to see COLD token to my wallet. Thanks for those :slight_smile:

Thank for the explanation, I think I qualify for all of them :rofl:
Also had a wallet with some $NIF in it:D

it’s great to see projects that support artists or content creators for NFT, in particular I’m a designer and that seems really eye-catching,

when they mention betting $ Cold to grow nft, is it currently active? It catches my attention and I would like to delve a little deeper into that topic!



Hey, the NSFW farm link from CTC website just goes to unifty homepage, and going via the Cold Farms > List of Farms it is not available anymore - has this been discontinued?

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Hi cryptoclip, yes the farm is operational I just checked the link from the Cold Truth Culture website and seems to be working fine. For best results when navigating the Unifty farms use a PC browser that has Metamask enabled extension like firefox or chrome and make sure it is connected to the xDAI chain before viewing the farms otherwise refresh and clear your cache in the browsers settings. I did notice that Unifty had updated our farms list on the Unifty website and replaced the link with the new ICE COLD Rares LP farm but you may still access it from the Cold Truth Culture website listed in the above post. If a farm should ever be discontinued I will give the public sufficient notice to remove their stake and provide a means to find forgotten funds if they should miss the memo.

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Cold Truth Culture NFTs is a DAO on the xDAI chain with an ecosystem of artists that work together to provide services involving design, artwork and NFTs. Our native currency COLD token is used to reward artists, NFT collectors and vote towards proposals in our governance. Funds raised form NFT sales are used to buyback and burn COLD until the total supply is reduced to 1,618,000 over a 10 year period. There was no presale and liquidity was self funded and locked with Unicrypt for 1 year, a re-lock period will be determined and voted upon at the end of it’s term.

Newcomers can submit quality artwork and in return receive some COLD tokens to join the crew and be a part of the project. We use the artwork to mint as NFTs and deposit them to be collected in one of our many NFT farms. You can find a Artwork Submission form on the website!

Requests can be made by consulting with artists, filling out a form and making a deposit ensuring that both parties get the best results possible and a fair deal. You can find the Artwork Request form also on the website!

Collectors can farm NFTs by adding a stake to the CTC NFT farms using COLD or LP tokens. You will accumulate points that can be used to redeem NFTs at a discount to the market price as well as earn COLD rewards to be distributed weekly in our CTC Rewards Program.


@ColdTruthCultureNFTs Wow this is great, I will investigate your page, both to add liquidity and to the farm, and regarding the artist form I am really interested, thanks for the timely response and honestly congratulations for that great work :raised_hands:

Grettings from Colombia :+1:

Thanks, I tried again and now it works. Maybe I did not have my metamask chain set to xdai the first time, or maybe I was too impatient waiting for the farm to load - either way all good!

Wow the NFT bridge is something what i’m waiting for as currently the bridge is only supported by NFT minting dapps that only be able to bridge the NFT that was minted in the NFT minting dapps

I have my AGAVE staked. Would I still qualify for the 2nd airdrop?

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