Announcing Cold Truth Culture AIRDROP $COLD

Cold Truth Culture (CTC)

This post is to announce the $COLD token airdrop from a tokenomics perspective. It is to give you a full picture of the $COLD token and a brief overview of the project. I am writing this article as if I was the audience considering I have received airdrops, sold, then fomo’d back in or the opposite, held an airdrop when I should have sold. The goal is not financial, though that is important to most of us, but it is also to ensure we put the tokens in the right hands to establish a community interested in the future of CTC.

About Cold Truth Culture

Many of you including myself probably already knew Portals and have heard of CTC for a while now. Early on with any project I always do a bit of research but with CTC I couldn’t fully grasp what was the competitive advantage or what CTC was offering. As I got to know Portals I asked more questions about CTC and I began to understand more about CTC until one day we were just hanging out talking about the Agave NFT project and it finally made since.

You have unreached artist who are non-technical and unbanked. CTC is not just about NFT’s, it is working to connect wealthy nations to the disadvantaged and the banked with the unbanked. To provide an income stream to support families and showcase never before seen art from a talented group of underground artist. For more details about what CTC is setting out to do you can read more at


$COLD has been working to establish a healthy community and has been watching the communities around to see how best to learn from what other have done. They have a creative tokenomics that incorporates the strategy in the following order:

  1. Locked LP with HNY & xDAI in unicrypt vault
  2. Staking $COLD & LP to farm for NFT’s
  3. Incentive system that rewards the CTC community
  4. Two part airdrop rewarding
    • Cold Truth Culture,
    • Unifty ($NIF) holders on xDai
    • Agave,
    • 1Hive Community
  5. Launch CTC DAO
  6. Token :fire:Burn :fire:

What are token Use Cases?

  1. Needed to purchase/stake for rare art
  2. Governance (ranking art, onboarding CTC artist, integration with platforms and wallets)
  3. Currency for the Artist
  4. CTC has been one of the leaders in the xDai community for NFT adoption and it is possible to see a growing use case as CTC increasingly establishes its presence here on xDai.

Max Supply: 3,220,618 1,618,000

  • :fire:1,602,618 will be burned :fire:
  • Burn begins when circulating supply reaches 867,618.

Current Circulating Supply: 243,000
~60% are Honeyswap LP’s Locked on Unicrypt or being staked for NFT’s

50 day MA Token Price: $0.1467

Max Supply Market Cap: ~$225,000
Circulating Supply Market Cap: $34,000

The Burn :fire: and a Possible Circulating Supply Outcome

To establish a robust community and to bootstrap the CTC DAO the burn buyback does not begin until circulating supply reaches 867,618. The 2 part airdrop will initiate this burn.

2/3 of the proceeds from NFT’s purchased will be used to buyback and burn COLD tokies until max supply is reduced to 1,618,000

Token Holders

60% supply Locked on Unicrypt & Staked for NFTs

Airdrop #1

When: soon
How to claim: it is an airdrop, it will be in your wallet
When will be snapshot: Snapshot already taken
How to qualify: Focus was 1hive, unifty, and Cold/NFT community

Airdrop #2 “Diamond Hands Airdrop”

When: Strategically released with a rare NFT
How to claim: it is an airdrop, it will be in your wallet
When will be snapshot: Snapshot partially taken.
How to qualify: Focus is on Agave token holders and Cold/NFT community. You might get more if you hold/buy COLD but we won’t be announcing details because we don’t want people apeing in or gaming the airdrop. We can say if you sell you absolutely won’t get more.

Circulating Supply After Airdrops (~850k)

Additional Comments

NFT’s are growing on the xDai network and we are gaining traction here, most recently a tweet from xDai, easy portability between xDai and Ethereum for all ERC-721 and ERC-1155 coming soon.

See tweet from Unifity to spotlights CTC

Supporting Link
Cold Tokenomics Forum Post
Cold Medium Atricle


This is awesome! :rocket:
I’d be happy to pitch in with a video for the the COLD/AGVE NFT launch; lemme know what you need. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh nice! I saw your honeycomb tutorial video. It was amazing. We absolutely need a short 3-5min agave tutorial when time comes. DM’d you on tutorial for unifty LP NFT farming


The Community and the project have been growing continuously since I met CTC a few months ago. Well done!
Sub-communities such as CTC have a great impact on the sustainable growth of 1Hive.


Great write up, well done and hope all goes well with your launches


Shout out to @Monstrosity for all the time and effort you put in to this airdrop and the CTC project. It was a pleasure to have you working on this with us to get our $COLD token out there and into the right hands!

I’d also like to thank the 1Hive community for being incredibly supportive in spreading awareness of artists, erc1155 NFTs and to all of the collectors out there YOU ARE THE REAL MVPs!


THE token distribution is good,but, why there is not LP about HNY/DAI or HNY/XDAI for token airdrop??? I suppose anyone who had supported xdai can earn the airdrop.

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Great promo idea.
I love CTC, you guys are doing awesome work and have a great mission.

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wow monstro… great write up, thanks for bringing that up on the forum. seems to be the same kind of project like SNAFU collective. Would be great to get involved in all these underground NFT projects. Not much of an artist but the art on those attachments in the post are really cool!! Well hope i made one of those snapshots… HODLing AGAVE in the security module though!! haha!

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there were some considerations to LPs but it was also a very scrutinized list even targeting certain snapshots at various times to be around the market bottoms. Since cold is a relatively specific target audience we would want token holders to be the most likely to be active community members not bystanders and dumpers.

More to come on the second airdrop as well as we learn from this one and watch the market unfold.

Yea i can see … airdropping tokens is such a delicate balance, and if not done right will just set the project backwards and bring in the type of community engagement that is not really healthy!! Well I shall wait and see if I make the cut, else I might just buy a few dollars worth and HODL to see what its like… just like I did with SNAFU! Thanks for the update… is there a easy reference to the token address… I will add it to metamask just in case!

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Lezzzzz goooo guyssss!!! Thanks for the Xdai airdrop…just staked all my $Cold tokens… Thanks again! ColdTruth at TG. Tronofic here. CHEERS!!!

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it’s actually in the post linked to blockscout but here is the address: 0xdbcadE285846131a5e7384685EADDBDFD9625557


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I’m now staking my cold tokens that I received from airdrop to get those
Cool nfts! more power to the project guys.
I like it! Thanks :slight_smile:

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hi guys! i have agve, a small amount since it was expensive and didnt get the drop… is there anyway to check?

Airdrop 2 has not yet happened.

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I really love how well though this airdrop was. I guess it cuts out a lot of dumpers and stuff. I understoond that more than one snapshots where taken into consideration. I do have one question though, do those you have their AGAVE staked in the safety module count as eligible addreses?:slight_smile:

Thx @Monstrosity and @ColdTruthCultureNFTs. You guys are great!

Hola , trate de entender que es lo que tratas de explicar pero no lo logro comprender que es Cold? una criptomoneda que sera distribuida a traves de lanzamiento aereo? tiene un enfoque diferente? al agregar informacion sobre otra informacion me realizas un trabajo mas complejo de comprender , gracias

If they met criteria yes agave, stkAgve, honeycomb, and LP all considered.

1st airdrop already complete was focused on 1hive, cold, and Nif.

2nd airdrop is focused on agave community and coined the ‘diamond hands’ airdrop because there is overlap in that some who received 1st airdrop will probably qualify for the second if certain criteria are met.

Put simply: Cold Truth Culture is helping artist to enter into the crypto space who may not know how. This also gives them way to onramp into crypto. This is good for people who do not have access to a bank.
The post focuses more on how the token is being distributed and used. Essentially after the 2nd airdrop and farming rewards the majority of the tokens will be distributed and the cold token will be deflationary for years before reaching the burn cap. Ultimately Cold is looking at potentially adopting the gardens template for their DAO and therefore the community will decide the tokens future.
I hope that helps

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hmmmm. This feels a bit exclusive and ‘the rich getting richer’. Just a bit.

Diamond hands are fundamental for a community but so is attracting newcomers. I might be a bit biased in newcomer support. :upside_down_face:

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