Apy.Vision Support

Support to Bring Apy.Vision to xDai chain and Honeyswap

This is my first proposal so it might not be as good as more well-versed proposal writers.

With farming being a big cornerstone of DeFi and Honeyswap, and additional extension to other chains such as polygon, I think it would be very useful to have a tool to help calculate and track our pool and farming activity. Apy.Vision does a good job providing this information and their team is always looking for other chains and AMM’s to work with

Proposal Rationale
Having a tool like this supporting xdai will help liquidity providers determine the best pools to place their liquidity and there is also a chain that they could maybe have some support regarding agave once it is launched. With better chain analytic tools more users are incentivized to use the network. Not to mention the exposure of xdai on their platform may catch the eyes of liquidity providers who may not be familiar with the chain and thus it may be good passive advertising for liquidity providers to get acquainted to xdai

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
The team is pretty fast so maybe 2-3 months time

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
I myself am not a developer but I do have connections with the team and I am a xdai, honeyswap, honey, agave supporter

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

21 Honey to be used for xdai/honeyswap devs, and Apy.Vision team

I would think that one of the devs like Luigi Lemon have custody as they work on building the infrastructure necessary and he can disburse payment upon completion

Good work ain’t free, and there is a fair amount of work that gets put into supporting platforms like honeyswap

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Hey @Killer-Bees we have integrated with liquidityfolio.com which provides similar results you can see Honey listed as an L2 on the site

The proposal is cool because it brings new liquidity providers to xDai chain and honeyswap. So thanks for that @Killer-Bees .

Like Dosh already said in this post we have liquidityfolio which was paid by 1hive community 20hny if Im right it was 2/3 months ago so I dont think we need one more. Maybe you can talk with xdai team members on discord/telegram they probably can throw some % towards your idea.
At least from my view I dont think 1Hive needs to pay for one more tool.

Thank you for that, I was unaware that there was support for liquidity providers