Back pay Tulip devs

We brought on several new people to do work on Tulip.
I was still new in the Swarm when I picked the reins while @ceresbzns left for parental leave, coincidentally right after the treasury ran out of funds to pay people and a lot of dissatisfaction with Tulip was being voiced. To be clear, this is not a role I meant to take.
Having gone back over the time sheet carefully, and carefully comparing to my own wallet inputs, I realized that we have only one week not paid.
I assume people are still working but haven’t turned in hours yet because it’s looking like a lot of the Zenhub will switch to bounty.

Please examine the pay tracking sheet here.
I’m sharing a copy because I cannot change edit permissions on the original and do not want to expose it to the internet at large.

The past due amount is $2855, which will be requested in xDai.
It will go into the Colony DAO to be disbursed as soon as possible after passing.

Thank-you for you care and patience.