Basic Roadmap for Swarms

Hi 1Hive, good morning/afternoon/evening. :honeybee:
In the past weeks I was less active than usual due to some family issues. I’m now happily back in track and I can hardly catch up with the overwhelming amount of information that are shared daily through all the channels of the Discord.

I’d like to share something I already presented, briefly, in the #proposals channel a few days ago, something that I noticed especially after being temporarily absent. Since, at that moment, I received positive feedbacks, I decided to pitch this in a more extensive and thoughtful way.

PREMISE :ok_hand:
My point of view is, as some of you may know, that of the newcomer/unexperienced/passionate crypto-user. No tech-savvy here. :eyes:

ABSTRACT :honey_pot:
1Hive is receiving a new wave of enthusiastic users; Some can easily start contributing, while some others may struggle finding their own path around the community. Several users join Discord and ask “if they can help and, eventually, how to do so”.
At the same time, a lot of swarms are being created. (most recently, at the time of writing, #canon - NFT related, #terra - translations, #commons - Gardens related)

Catching the interest and inspiring the desire of long term commitment in newcomers is a crucial step to the growth of the 1Hive community.

MAIN IDEA :mortar_board:
I suggest each swarm to create, sketchily, a sort of “roadmap”, “plan”, “direction” of where the swarm is going.
Nothing too narrow down since 1Hive is an eclectic community and versatility is one of our strongest point, but I can assure that, despite being around since a few months now, who joins can struggle quite a bit in figuring out what is really going on, depending on the swarm.

As someone was pointing out today or yesterday, onboarding more people is going to be needed to keep up with all is happening in our ecosystem. Since everyday there are conversations on each channel (on and off topic) it is difficult to be at speed with everything and, at least to my experience, people start slowly on 1Hive, before getting deeper and more interested about the growth of the project.

Being a member of the Terra DAO, I’ve translated the main sentence of each swarm. The goal/interest is mentioned, but not the path to achieve such targets.

Needless to say, having a sketch of what is going on in a way that anyone, at any moment, can jump on board and offer a contribution, a comment, or a positive feedback of any kind, can only bring benefits to the community.
Some people don’t like the word “roadmap” and I am keen to clarify that it is just a general word we tend to use in the crypto space, but see it the way you prefer.
Actually, to be honest, I’d take away a division in quarters and I’d just outline the possibilities of each swarm in a graphic-friendly way.

I think that, as of now, I’ve nothing else to add. Thank you for reading so far, and I hope these considerations can be helpful and build a constructive conversation.

Stay safe!

P.S.: Some members shared this nice website to make easy looking and straight-forward maps:


Nice Stonky! i support your idea! also would take time to plan and execute this, it might require funding! or even another swarm to take care of that. also translate to other languages and keep it updated. anyway, i like the idea! big hugs


Hey man, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Honestly I believe no funding is required, nor another swarm (just my opinion); there are already too many and many others will come, I’m sure of that.

I just think that a simple strategy / plan / map can help new users to understanding what happened or is happening within a certain swarm. The members of that swarm probably have an idea or where the swarm is heading to, so it should not truly be something complicated.

Thanks for your feedback!

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