Bootstrapping a project based on HNY - Kshazu NFT Game and marketplace on xDAI

We are team of people who have come together from 1hive members and plan to bootstrap with a proposal to fund further development of this idea which has already released a proof of concept of NFTs on xDAI.

:fire: We plan to transact with HNY tokens in order to bring value since we incepted from the very token. Plan is brewing to stake HNY to acquire these NFT creatures freely when staked for a period of time.

Also allow others to buy NFTs and in-Game items using HNY from our marketplace.

:loudspeaker: First announcements
:loudspeaker: Welcome to the Official Kshazu Project :loudspeaker:

Dedicated community project to bring NFT game to xDAI

We will be launching beta game soon with NFT at it heart and ownership


:honeybee: We have launched a proof of concept already and MVP (Minimal viable product) is progressing good and in phase 1 delivery we have created the ERC721 SmartContracts
and deployed the same in Ropsten and xDAI POA Network successfully

:honeybee: Basic NFT creature design is in place with ERC721 Smart Contract creating below designs programmatically

:honeybee: Meetings will be ongoing to draft the tokenomics, marketing campaign and infra development

:honeybee: The proof of concept can be visualized in below location, you need to be connected to Ropsten network from your metamask to
see the NFTs

Please feel free to reach out to our team members in case you have any questions or doubts about particular content. We are here to help

@metaverde @borisblock @boring877 @pab @solarmkd

:unicorn: Also we are looking for like minded developers who can write smartcodes and create front end javascript applications in React or JS frameworks and backend using Java/Javascript to handle the inGame and blockchain activities :unicorn:

Only logo (1)


Credits for designing those cute kshazu’s parts to the awesome in-house designer @borisblock


It is very cool to see all of the projects that you guys are working on. This project sounds very cool, it kind of reminds me of meme coin. I would definitely stake some honey to earn NFT’s from 1hive.


Not just having a token we can play the game with other players to earn token and breed them


Loving the cute designs! Look forward to the beta!

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Yeah this looks cool.

Reminded me of crypto-kitties. :wink:

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Yeah i love how this looks, borisblock and sand3sh did great job with the style and smart contracts. it’s very exciting to have a game connected to the 1hive ecosystem, , we could have pvp tournaments soon, swarm battles, dao wars and what not…


We are very excited to share some progress on game-design and basic concepts of the game itself. I put together this slides that presents some concepts of Kshazu gameplay :joystick:

Details on the bees. In addition we will work on different typings/families of bees, aswell as secret traits to increase randomness of breeding and other strategies of the game.

We would love to make our game closely tied to HNY and 1hive, bc of how amazing this community is. :orange_heart: Gameplay should complement/increase the value and usecases of HNY.

Utility token of our game. We still deciding the namings, for the sake of the presentation we called it KSHZ for now.

Examples of implementing DeFi mechanics in the game.

How breeding works. All numbers here are just for example.

These are some basic ideas that we were working on, we would love to hear some thoughts. :raised_hands: Also we are looking for developers that would like to join our team! :unicorn:


like it bori, lets get it working out ( •̀ ω •́ )✧


Fantastic illustration to explain the basic premise its exciting


This is actually pretty hype

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Very nice, i will defiantly be following along !

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Awesome designs I must say, can’t wait to see them unfold.

Coming soon for your wallets watch out for marketing posts to acquire


Looks awesome man, love the idea and the graphics, very cool

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How did i miss this!!! Damn this is freaking awesome! is down though :cry:

Where is this being discussed on the discord? Any info I can read other than this post?

This was setup as a demo I don’t mind running it for few days more

You can give a try now @GreenHornet

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love it!! cant wait to try it!