Bootstrapping Honey Liquidity

It’s really helpful if we have some liquidity for Honey, but since Honey is on xDai the exchange options are limited. With even a small amount of liquidity people can buy honey to support the project and participate in the process even if they don’t want to submit proposals or do work for the DAO and people who do create proposals and earn honey have a way to exchange it if they need to.

As an initial way to bootstrap liquidity I’ve gone ahead and deployed an instance of uniswap (v1) on xdai, and tweaked the frontend a bit to support xDai and deployed at

This works exactly like uniswap v1 on Ethereum except the “base” asset is xDai rather than Ether. I’ve also added 1000 xDai and 100 Honey to get things started, but anyone is welcome to add additional liquidity and we should consider rewarding liquidity providers in the future because liquidity providers help to capitalize the DAO.