Bridge to Mainnet Minimums

At the moment, the minimum to bridge back to Mainnet is 1 or more tokens. I suggest that the minimum be lowered on select coins or, possibly, be USD based value. If I want to send 2k worth of wBTC or wYFI back the minimum is 10k+ and 30k+, respectively. This is way too high for an average user and anyone who sends any increment of these two coins in are now stuck on xDai until this changes or liquidity in these pairs picks up.


I don’t think this is the right place to talk about the bridge.
Are you talking about Omnibridge? This project isn’t maintained by the 1hive team.


We do not control the bridges.


I know this now, my apologies. So much to understand I am very new in this circle. My intensions are good lol


I will withdraw my proposal


good topic though, I did not know this either and it’s good to know before you potentially try to arbitrage a franctional BTC and send it back to mainnet, but then find you are stuck and not enough liquidity to trade back out without taking a loss


Yeah, I think they should rethink the bridge minimums. I think the primary reason there are bridge minimums is to ensure the bridge is not spammed for small amounts.

Maybe they could use Honeyswap as an oracle and base the bridge minimums on the xDai value instead :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree the difference in tx fees on mainnet vs. xDAI create an issue.

Literally if a mainnet tx is like $5-10 you don’t want people moving anything less than $100 value and even that is low. But I agree forcing this to be like 10-30K because the unit of measure is in the Token itself that is bad.

I think best policy is to allow arbitrary amounts down to the some multiple of current mainnet tx fee in USD which means a pricing oracle. :frowning:

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AFAIK Uniswap has two different pricing oracles that we can deploy for the pools (@willjgriff has experimented with them recently) that could be used for this.