Bridging STAKE?

Hi, I managed to follow the excellent guide about sending Dai to xDai using the bridge and could add a bit of liquidity to the xdai/HNY pool.

However, how could I do the same for the STAKE/HNY pool? I have STAKE in my mainnet wallet, can I also send that over somehow? I know I can swap xDai to STAKE using Honeyswap, but somehow the xDai STAKE is $24, while the mainnet version is $21 at the moment.



For tokens other than DAI<>xDAI, you can use the OmniBridge to move them over from Ethereum.


I tried to use omnibridge. Walllet was blue (iassume its connected) I can see Stake on my metamask wallet when its connected to Eth mainnet. But when its connected to omnibridge, there is no stake. I know its cos it has not been unlock. But when I click on Unlock, nothing happens. Do you think it is because Ledger X is not yet supported? BTW, I am using chrome browser.

@6suns I have no ledger, but do use Chrome and had no problems, even with ad blockers and privacy add-ons. Check you are connected to the correct network and do a refresh to clear the cache, that might help.