Bringing the NFT community to xDAI

I have a project on xDAI called promoting users to adopt the use of a faster L2 solution for the NFT community rewarding it’s community for participation in community reward incentives e.g connecting metamask to xDAI network, using the DAI bridge and using honeyswap. With help from our good friends at and the cross chain wallet for all erc1155s all of this is now possible! I seem to have my hands full with overwhelming support from community and friends who want to join in and have some fun with NFTs but lack some of the skills in development to complete some of the goals I have set out to achieve and have a great deal to learn. I would like to reach out to this community to seek guidance and and maybe even reward somebody for their efforts in contributing to my project! Let me know if there is anyone interested in learning more about us and what we set out to achieve and were I should start to look for the ‘right’ people as keeping my community safe and healthy is of the up most importance to myself and the team here at Cold Truth Culture NFTs. Thank you everybody who has come out from the 1Hive community and show some love and support and even some dank memes and NFTs


Fantastic initiative man. I can say I participated and am currently staking the COLD token to gain points.

I hope someone from the 1Hive will be able to be of help on the realization of your project


YOU THE MAN STONKYphoto_2021-01-17_05-17-00
from one of our community members lol


I have also participated and staked $COLD. For fun, I created a collection, minted 10 nft’s, created a farm. Very cool stuff.

I would love to create some nft’s, or use the ones we received for the contest, to create a nft farm using honey as the staked token and points to buy the nft’s.

Any thoughts on this?


Thanks for joining the community theJewler it has been great to see so many like minded and talented individuals contributing to the project!

Update I have raised 1-3 HNY (depending on the individuals desired involvement) as a bounty for a trusted reputable developer to help with some of the extra features of the project and have allocated a development fund in the (COLD) token supply for further improvements.


Digital artist here, I would love to help you with anything. Really mutiskilled so I could help with translations, NFs, marketing, community building(this I think is the most important) and moderation/PR.


I appreciate the support ZER8, I have sent you a DM and look forward to collaborating with you!



My name is _ecardo5o and I’m from Brazil. I am Creative Director and I have been working on some authorial works that I am gradually transforming into NFTS. You can see some of them here:

I am also an ambassador at Polkadot and Acala and I would also like to contribute in some way to having NFTs also at Honey. How can we do it.


WOW you have some serious talent my friend, I’m glad to see other great artists joining 1Hive.

You could use the artist tools at

If you are unfamiliar with the process of turning your art into NFTs we can do it for you and teach you the ways in which you could set up your own NFT farm/shop yourself while earing some xDAI in the process. The community are great and will help you with any questions you may have.

find out more at here:


I’m glad you liked my work. But I think I expressed myself poorly. I’m actually wondering if there are any projects underway to integrate NFTs into HoneySwap, in an easy and useful way in the current UX (the site interface). Would you know to tell me if there are any groups formed working on this? I am planning a similar project at Kusama and I would also like to help here. Could this structure you made be used for this in the context of HoneySwap?


Hard to comment without knowing a bit more about what you have in mind. There aren’t any plans to integrate NFTs into honeyswap (I’m not really sure how it would even work since NFTs are non fungible and can’t really be pooled in the same way a fungible token can be), but there are some people in the 1hive community working on NFTs and NFT marketplaces.


Good to know. At Kusama, making an NFT work would be a medium-term project. Until one of the most dedicated developers decided to build a rack using an old concept called colored Bitcoin. This is the project and it is already working:

I don’t know if this information is useful in the context of XDai. I am not a technical user. But in any case it was something that worked very well and is already operational. I have access to the tests and I thought it was really cool.

Hi Zerb, I saw this image published on your Twitter but I don’t know how to access this page. Do you have the address?

I need to go back through and read this carefully…
I think some of these projects do pool NFTs?
Not the same as tokens, to be sure, but people appear to be integrating NFT pools into exchanges somehow.

dApp Radar article

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Hi! you should check out and also youre welcome to join not only 1hive discord but also our international 1hive discord server im trying to build a portuguese speakers community there.

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There are a few approaches I’ve seen that sort of make NFTs somewhat fungible assets…

You can fractionalize an NFT (like having shares in the NFT and when it sells, proceeds go to the shareholders), you could then trade the shares as ERC20, but not the NFT itself.

You can create a basket of NFTs and fractionalize that, which is similar to the above but is sort of like fund. There are lots of questions about how this is curated and how and when NFTs are liquidated. I wrote a post about how we could adapt a gardens dao for this purpose a while back and still think its a cool idea: Gallery: Gardens + NFTs

You can create semi-fungible tokens, where there are multiple NFT of the same class, which can be transferred in batches, but likely need a specific type of exchange to trade these.

There may be others as well but that’s what I’ve seen so far. Its an interesting area for sure!


Você fala português farmerD? Eu sou do Brazil. Rio de Janeiro.

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Unifty dev Benny is working on some concepts like this, one of them coming out after the market place is the burn feature. You will be able to send erc20 tokens to a contract that will send the NFT burner a set amount of tokens when the NFT is sent to the burn notice. Fractionalising NFTs is something we have been looking into, profit share NFTs. NFT staking has been implemented on mainnet but not xDAI yet but since xDAI has the best features in terms of gas/speed/usability this will become the main hub for NFT developers that will create on xDAI then bridge the NFTs to other chains if the buyer can’t make it to xDAI. So I could imagine there will be many more development tools to come. One of the latest ones implemented is the shop add of feature so you can turn a unifty NFT farm into a dual farm/shop or just a shop where you can purchase NFTs at a set price! This is essentially an artist specific marketplace, the open public unifty marketplace is still a couple of weeks away

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In my opinion is the best NFT market at the moment.

It is focused on art and is curated. Which qualifies the works displayed. You will rarely find anything of bad or dubious quality.

I think this project is a good starting point to think about NFTs here at HoneySwap.

This video that came out today on the ChicoCrypto channel also has very cool use cases. It’s worth watching: