Buy BrightId subscriptions for the faucet

We recently ended up without any brightid sponsorship for the faucet. I’m requesting 1 HNY to buy the equivalent amount in BrightId subscriptions (currently at $2 each) so we’ll have ~138 sponsorships/month during this first year, the double the second year, the triple the third, and so on, as indicated in this document.

This should cover our needs for new users, and we are also helping to fund an opensource project that is key for our infrastructure.

The HNY will go to my wallet, and I’ll swap it for XDAI and buy the sponsorships.


I think Brightid deserves to have sponsorship, you guys are doing a great job with the app. Will check proposals to vote, keep up the good work.


yes its a good id, this app is a very good way to stop stupid bot and leecher, with this we all real and entousiast people who join the project

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Just signed up to BrightID, really like the sound of what they are doing.
It’s a very trick nut to crack ID, and it’s going to take work. so I’m supporting this, without hesitation.

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As we ran out of sponsorships again yesterday, should we update/re-submit @sem 's proposal above?
Or is there already a different process in place? Likely the faucet is causing the biggest influx of new users and HNY holders, and therefore it shouldn’t be a bottleneck.
So it would be great if the available sponsorships never run out, though I must confess I am not very intimate with the exact workings and money flows.

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The proposal has passed!

I could buy 600 brightId subscriptions for 1200 DAI (1 HNY at the price I sold it). This will give us sponsorships for the following 6 years:

  • 600 sponsorships/month the first year
  • 1200 sponsorships/month the second year
  • 1800 sponsorships/month the third
  • 2400 sponsorships/month the forth
  • 3000 per month the fifth
  • and 3600 per month the sixth

A total of 12,600 new unique users will be able to register using these subscriptions!

I already assigned the first 600 to the faucet, and will assign 600 more the next month.


That’s great, this also seems like a great time to discuss a faucet top up.

thanks sem, it will help community to grow up