Buy Sandbox land for marketing and community purposes

Buy sandbox estate called Honeyland or Honeyswap

There’s around 25 million dollars invested on Sandbox’s virtual land and the beta isn’t even launched yet. There’s a lot of hype surrounding this game in both the crypto and gaming world. The game beta is supposed to launch on december and it will be possible to earn money by playing or creating games and collectibles, so I believe this is a good opportunity to expand the community. The biggest crypto exchange binance already bought large amounts of land and there are others like moonswap, also many crypto influencers doing the same like bitboy so I thought maybe this could be discussed among the community. A lot of the recent proposals are basically asking to give out money, but I think we need to create value as well.

This is a cool idea. ERC20 games are going to be huge as NFTs as it grows. GSWAP from shroom finance has an amazing Gameswap product coming out that is stunning. Whether its that platform or another once gamers adopt blockchain protocols as a means of exchanging value of any kind in the gaming world its going to be incredible. Honestly i think this is the target market. You make crypto cool, and easy enough for them to earn money… and get it in front of the gaming community thru influencer plugs and you could run with something. I keep thinking tech crypto people gamers who just game. everyones on the internet. Storming twitter for gamers and all could be a pretty cheap marketing strategy. Just go find gaming influencers and blow them up for sponsership. If the game is addicting and earns money. Done. Doesnt have to be Fortnite. Just has to be addicitng and consistent earn…. this was a jumbled answer touching on a couple different things but i see gaming and gamefecation as key to adoption. And it could happen overnight. Its just who does it first. those guys are tech savvy. @zerocechs


Virtual reality and Augmented reality are also going to be a thing of the future. I can see an entire virtual world where people will come to play games and trade NFT collectibles. I think RPG’s are a good vehicle for a game because most of them have “credits” and exclusive shops that can be found all around the digital world. Does anyone have any links for sandbox that I can check out without going deep into a rabbit hole haha. Thanks

What I saw there from few youtubers that this NFT industry gona explode 100% some day but no one know whene that day gonna happened.I saw there in game on that ‘game land’ there is soo bigger names like gaming companys (Atari,company that made Roller Coaster Tycoon) Binance like exchange.
Someone who invest on start there probbably gonna make some big gains.

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