Buying and selling in the digital currency market

Hi everyone
We have all been involved in the negative market for digital currencies for some time, and one question that friends always ask is:
When will the market return?
Or why are we at a loss?
You introduce a good currency that has a good profit
And such questions
But it is important to mention that it is good to be reminded
1 What is our goal in entering the crypto market?
The goal is to make money or something
If so, how long do we operate?
We are volatile - we trade short-term or long-term
Do we follow others or do we know the basic and technical analysis?
Do we know the candles or have we examined the ascending and descending trends in the coin records or not?
If it is earning money, which is often the case, how much have we studied to succeed in this field and how much do we know about this market?
Have we read a number of books or articles about this or are we buying and selling only on the advice of friends and acquaintances?
If we buy and sell based on our experience and knowledge, will market emotions affect our trading process or not?
2 With what capital have we entered these markets?
It is our own capital or the capital of others
Have we entered this market with all the capital we had or not?
Have we considered the diversity of investment or not?
These are often questions that need to be answered
And more of these model questions
But today, I would like to advise my friends to follow a few basic points so that in addition to making a profit and success in this market, they will be less involved in the stresses caused by market declines and spend less time on repetitive sales.

  • Important note *
    {There is always a chance to buy and the shopping time never ends, so do not rush in your purchase
    Experience has shown this many times that due to the diversity in the market, there is always an opportunity to buy and do not grieve for missing opportunities.
    Never enter this market with all your capital
    Never invest in a single currency
    Never enter the upward trend of Sharpe trends
    Observe the diversity of different networks
    Be sure to divide the capital you have entered into the market into three parts
    A long-term shopping episode
    A short episode
    A part for oscillation