Buzz Swarm funding proposal #6

Buzz Swarm funding proposal #6

Proposal information :

This proposal has a scope of enabling further incentives for Buzz Swarm contributors

Proposal description:

1Hive’s funds allocation to this proposal will enable Buzz Swarm to keep working on this key areas with primary focus on:

  1. Communication, education and marketing exposure
  2. Partnerships, integrations and product market fit research for 1Hive DApps
  3. Marketing incentives, AMA sessions, new contributors onboarding

Proposal Rationale

Subject proposal will enable the Buzz contributors and the Buzz Swarm to continue working on integrations, partnerships and communication, involving 1Hive DApp development, as well as outbound communication through the social media channels with written content and graphics.

Our goal and mission has always been to educate the community on what 1Hive is, what it stands for, including instructions on using the apps and education on benefits of doing so.

How will the subject proposal benefit 1Hive?

The rationale of this funding proposal relies on the following important keys for success that impact the health of the DAO.

1. Clear and concise data about 1Hive Dapps

We believe that communication and education are the key for making a strong community, especially when it comes to DAO like 1Hive. As a team, we would like to continue progressing in that direction by delivering knowledge and resources, which would help us all grow. Relevant examples:

-Working Swarms Presentation post on Twitter:

-Monthly recaps and articles on Medium and :

2. Marketing, exposure and research:

We are always on the look for fresh marketing opportunities that have potential to bring extra exposure to 1Hive while attracting more HNY holders and investors.


  • The addition of banners to Blockscout for Honeyswap, Gardens and NFbeez and educational banners on Twitter made by our our creative contributors brought additional exposure and potentially new contributors and users on dapps created by 1Hive

3. Partnerships with like-minded communities/teams and product fit app Integrations

  • 1Hive AMA sessions with DeHive, Elk Finance, Hedgey Finance, Metagame and similar projects are great examples on how we approach other like minded projects that can bring additional value and exposure to 1Hive

Another good example ofgood integration is helping to add Mt. pelerin on/off ramp to Honeyswap landing page which brought additional functionality, users can now transfer xdai from Honeyswap to their bank account or deposit xdai to their wallet from their bank account without KYC.

  • Another example of boosting value for 1Hive is working on treasury diversification with Hedgey Finance and NFbeez, creating NFT gated OTC deals with locked HNY. This has proven to create synergy between the projects and attract more investors so we are continuing these campaigns with Hedgey and ensure that 1Hive has diversified treasury

  • Finally, Buzz has been enabling the Unstoppable Domains login to Honeyswap, which continues to enable co-marketing opportunities along with other dApps.

4. Onboarding new members and contributors on 1Hive

  • In addition to our onboarding sessions held at 1Hive Discord server’s voice channels, we continue to encourage community involvement, allowing new members to feel welcomed, and for us to get to know them better. Considering the relative inactivity of our developer force within 1Hive, we believe it is essential that Buzz continue its DAO2DAO activities while encouraging decentralised work among all contributors.

Expected duration or delivery date:

We are estimating that this proposal will cover our expenses to help 1Hive with communication,integration and partnerships until the end of July 2022

Team Members’ Information
@solarmkd @dogeking @d0sh @mrtdlgc @zer8 @rohekbenitez @harsh24 @stonky

Funding Information:
Amount of HNY requested : 200 HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

The Buzz swarm multisig : 0x6E5318F562318be37f405539b14f57Dda4cEf3C7

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used

This funding is planned to be used for payments of Buzz Swarm contributors until the end of July 2022

Decided amount of HNY tokens from above will be distributed for the Month of May retroactively, June and July for successfully completed tasks in those months.

We will use a combination of Coordinape and completed tasks that our contributors have accomplished to allocate payments on a monthly basis.

If you like our proposal please vote on Gardens


1Hive without Buzz wouldn’t :honeybee: the same.

Something I think the Buzz Swarm should clear up is what its relationship to the other swarms in 1Hive is. A lot of the benefits to 1Hive listed here are directly linked to other swarms/working groups, like AMAs with 1Hive TV, Hedgey diversification with the Treasury Swarm, and unstoppable domains with Honeyswap.

I think it’s not really clear how payments work in those relationships. Is Buzz a free resource for all 1Hive working groups to use when they want, paid for only in these funding proposals? If so, I think we need a lot more details in how many hours are going to each of the working groups and how payments within the Buzz swarm works. Otherwise maybe Buzz swarm should be billing other swarms/working groups when they do work for them, as another source of income outside of Buzz-specific work like the monthly recaps and weekly onboarding calls.

I get the feeling it’s neither of these are the case, and there are situations where work from the Buzz swarm isn’t getting paid at all, and other times where Buzz work is getting double-paid both from the Swarm and the Buzz budget. I might be wrong but the point I think is that those relationships should be really clear.

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The role of Buzz swarm has always been communication and creating opportunities for integrations with other like minded communities. This sometimes includes joining forces with Tulip, 1Hive TV, Quests, Hedgey, NFbeez or any other 1Hive swarm on 1Hive that we can help with communication, graphics and presenting the new projects in the best possible way. By doing this however we are not getting double payments from any of those, because we had our funding.

About the payments of our members we are not tracking the hours precisely but we are estimating our payments depending of our activities performed and we do keep track of all of our activities in a spreadsheet . We also consult each other and adjust the payments for each month based on the amount of work we had done.

This is the working ledger for all the months of this year, you can see the amount of activities each member had done Buzz DAO Task Ledger 2022 - Google Sheets

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Didn’t mean to suggest you guys were double-charging anyone… that was just the type of mistake that can happen without a well-defined payment structure, which seems super important now with markets and the price of HNY where they’re at.

We’re doing Basic Income style payments for ongoing work at Gardens now. Each biweekly pay period the contributors add bullet points for the work they did that pay period in the swarm Notion and then self report “low” “medium” or “high” workload for that pay period:

From our hours doc:

So that’s one option for payments. Buzz has this added challenge where y’all are working with other swarms though. I wouldn’t be opposed to Buzz charging swarms for marketing work and integrations btw - that would be an easy setup that seems like swarms would probably be OK with. Maybe some combination of payments from swarms and self-funding?


I understand, we’ve been tracking our completed tasks and estimated our monthly payments. But i kinda like the bi-weekly idea and self reporting of the hours it will make the things clearer for everyone. Thanks for the suggestions Paul i will make sure we discuss this with the other Buzz contributors and pretty sure we can easily implement this method you are using on Gardens depending on our available funds.


Hey @paul, just wanted to hop in and say that Buzz swarm has really supported the NFBeez and 1Hive in all the cross DAO events we worked on together. Like the Gitcoin x 1Hive Memepalooza VII event, it was the biggest and most rewarding Memepalooza ever. Buzz(which includes me) created all the resources needed and the buzz leadership back then @D0SH sh and @solarmkd even had the cool idea of rewarding people NFBeez in the event and paid for them.

I personally always saw Buzz as a kind of HUB which connects all the external partners and internal participants(Gardens, NFBeez, etc) of 1Hive

Now that a lot of things are changing in the space and the general sentiment is different I do believe we need to adapt our strategy and create a more bulletproof, long term and sustainable battle plan/strategy :honeybee: