Buzz Swarm proposal #5

What we’ve been able to accomplish over the past few months?

Social media activities and milestones :

After the summer with DeFi activities on xDai and Polygon, there was a period of time when we’ve decided to focus our efforts on in-house marketing within the social media channels we control as a DAO.

With the current focus on our in house marketing team we were able to achieve some really awesome milestones for our twitter. We reached 8k followers on the Honeyswap Twitter, 5k members on 1hive as well as 6k members on our Discord server.

Our community and social media admins worked diligently to bring all important information on time thus having exponential results which can be seen by all the new members interested in the 1Hive DAO.

Promotions, collaborations and improvements :

Marketing Promotion :

  • We had call with Curlybracket from Rabbithole together with the xDai team members and we discussed for the possibilities on creating a Rabbithole journey with scope of promoting 1Hive and Agave on xDai chain.


  • We successfully launched Honey calls with the help of our friends from the Hedgey Finance team with scope of creating a 1Hive treasury.

Improvements :

  • Our team managed to add Honeyswap TVL for Polygon chain on DefiLama tracking site.

  • Implementation of the subgraph for Cryptokek charts including ETH pairs for Honeyswap on Polygon chain.

  • The Social-curation bot has been upgraded and now possess“The Principle of non-oposition” , meaning you can create suggestions on the social curation requests. Credits for this new idea goes to @sacha @D0SH and @hernandoagf for developing that new idea.

  • Our team also worked on improving content on 1Hive youtube channel where we decided in collaboration with Twells to launch a show under name - 1Hive TV and 1Hive Trivia.

  • New design of 1Hive medium page (3 articles for Monthly recap for 1Hive DAO and 1 article for BrightID/Gardens).

What we are planning to do next ?

  1. Communicating with our friends about possible integrations and collaborations.

  2. Launching new bounties for the future target 1Hive products or activities.

  3. Looking to add Honeyswap (Polygon) on Debank DeFi wallet, because after the addition of the honeycomb farms the LP positions are not visible on that app.

  4. We negotiated with Li Finance to be added as an aggregator to the new crosschain swapper and to keep our branding and logo on Xpollinate v2.

  5. Tracking assets on Polygon chain using Debank DeFi wallet.

  6. Improving content on 1Hive/Honeyswap Twitter pages on next level
    (Our goal in upcoming months is 10.000 followers on Honeyswap and 7000k followers on 1Hive)

  7. D2D partnership ( 1Hive x Shapeshift ) - credits @Monstrosity.

  8. Enhancing Trivia game user experience and reach in collaboration with @Twells

  9. Develop twitter discord bot which includes interacting within Twitter via Discord as well as having a feed of social tweets related to our organization.

  10. Exchanges :

    @chuygarcia92 got in touch with this exchange and we made a call with the xdai team looking to broaden the availability of the xdai native tokens and support on this exchange.
    Chasing integration with Open Ocean aggregator exchange:
    @DogeKing will get in touch with this exchange to talk about cross-chain swap integrations.

  11. Researching and chasing collaboration with UMA on KPI options and range tokens

Buzz swarm has currently more than 10 contributors, skilled for social media,design,bussines partnerships and communication. We’ve been able to grow our swarm and expand our team continuously throughout this year.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

115 HNY
Honeypot vote

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
We are asking for retroactive payments for September, due to price action where we couldn’t pay the usual monthly stipend and most got underpaid or skipped.
The funds will be used to pay Buzz swarm contributors until the end of the year 2021.


This is really amazing. I’m really looking forward to being able to track assets on Polygon chain using Debank DeFi wallet. It’s a huge improvement!

Social media awareness would really build the 1Hive community.

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  1. Keep being an amazing swarm of hard working, goal and value aligned people :slight_smile: :honeybee: