Canon had a great meeting last Saturday, inviting you this Saturday too!

Last Saturday, 31 July 2021, at 8pm UTC/Noon Pacific, Canon swarm had an informal meeting on our Discord server, to work together and generally discuss, as well as to share where the art is so far. (Spoiler alert: it’s epic).

T Wells used his mad skills to diagram Pab’s vision of how a Canon app might flow,
and Pab and Luigi got deep deep into NFT tokenomics. It’s a real masterclass, starting here.

The meeting was such a deep success that we are hosting another.
We invite one and all to pop in, check out the art jomalone, pab, and manu are working on, discuss tokenomics, and poke our artists “Wen Genesis?”.

It will be on the Canon server at 8pm UTC/Noon Pacific, next Saturday, 7 August 2021.
We look forward to sharing more
deep thoughts, with friends.

Come for the Honey :honey_pot:.
Stay for the Bees :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:.


Thanks meta :heart:
Here is the sketch + misc.; feel free to add comments anywhere :honeybee:

Looking forward to Sat!