Cant Make Swap as Gas fee are insufficient


I have a problem sawpping AGVE coins to XDAI. Altough I have enough Ether on my metamask, the issue is that it keeps saying i dont have enough GWEI fee to proceed ?

Can somebody help on this ?

many thanks,

hey bud, so you have enough xDAI in your wallet and you are unable to swap AGVE for xDAI? You say you have enough ETH…? Anyways I would suggest you to head to #help on Discord where you may be able to get a quicker resolution to the issue.

Xdai network uses xdai for gas not weth, you need to hold some xdai. You can also set the gas price (gwei) to 1, not default 20 and transaction should still succeed

ether is useless here…try it with some Xdai

Thanks everyone, im a beginner so still need to figure it out :wink:
Lets go 1Hive & AGAVE! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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hey, i hope you. fixed the issue.

for a faster support i advice you to use the #help channel in discord :wink:
take care