Celeste Swarm Funding Proposal

Celeste Swarm Funding Proposal

1Hive.org proposal link: https://1hive.org/#/proposal/73

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
This proposal is to fund the Celeste Swarm DAO: https://aragon.1hive.org/#/celeste/. The 5 members of the DAO managing funds are seed group members that have been working on Celeste for some time. They will be the main benefactors of the funding although it is expected that external contributions will be made that are paid for in HNY and some may go to infrastructure costs.

Proposal Rationale
Celeste is 1Hive’s fork of the Aragon Court/Protocol with some changes to integrate BrightID to impose a max stake per keeper (previously “juror”). Celeste is a subjective oracle and a core piece of infrastructure for enabling Disputable Aragon Apps. Initially within 1Hive it will incentivise votes and proposals to be challenged should they not adhere to the 1Hive Agreement/Covenant, earning the challenger a reward should they be agreed with. Beyond this it could be used for pollen member moderation, conviction voting payment escrow, determining the outcome of prediction markets plus yet to be dreamt possibilities.

Documentation for Celeste is sparse as it’s still in development but you can see:

A brief walkthrough of the user process: Disputable Honey Pot, Celeste and Agreement User Process

Scrum board: https://app.zenhub.com/workspaces/celeste-5f7f3362db531f00238c09ef/board?filterLogic=any&repos=291058211,311352938,290530651,288729543,309829079,309829865,312037012,204234268,273752093,278887622

Contracts: https://github.com/1Hive/celeste

UI: https://github.com/1Hive/celeste-dashboard

You can also join the Celeste chats in the Discord for more insight:

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
1 to 2 months until initial launch.

Team Information

Swarm DAO members with equal weight in control of funds:

@willjgriff @rperez89 @fabriv @lkngtn @fioreb

Additional members working on various parts of the project paid from the Swarm DAO:

@Felix @crisog @onbjerg

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
Many seed group members are involved, some of whom have already been building Celeste for some time. Others are members of the community that have proven ability in the areas they are working.

Funding Information

Amount of HNY requested:
HNY Requested 120 ~ $30k at the current price of $250/HNY.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
Celeste Swarm DAO Agent:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
Rates for contributors vary from $30-$65/hour. The above HNY should see us through to the initial launch. Any funds remaining at this time will be used for future development or returned to the common pool. Payments will be made in HNY at the $ value at the time of the hours completed, once every 2 weeks. If the HNY price depreciates significantly or development takes longer than anticipated more funds may be requested. The above estimate has taken into account the main contributors individual estimates for completion of their part of the work plus some extra for unknowns.

Funding breakdown
@willjgriff $65/hour, estimate 20 days, 7 hours/day = $9100
@rperez89 $40/hour, estimate 20 days, 7 hours/day = $5600
@fabriv $40/hour, estimate 20 days, 7 hours/day = $5600
@fioreb $30/hour, estimate 30 hours = $900
@crisog $30/hour, estimate 5 days, 5 hours/day = $750
@Felix $30/hour, estimate 5 days, 5 hours/day = $750
@lkngtn undecided (potentially zero)

Total $22700 + @lkngtn undecided + potential infrastructure costs + unknown extra time


Hello (´ ∀ ` *)
Thanks for transparent on funding breakdown ~~

i added these number in sheets

keep the good work ~~


I very much want to support this.

Can we get some kind of breakdown of what of the Funding breakdown has already been used? (Just rough numbers) or is this to support additional work on top of what has been done.

I guess I am just curious what the total of the current work already done on this IS against what is being proposed. not to say yes/no (I am going to probably vote for this) but to understand how much work has already been put in.

Also I think some statement since the seed members are doing this is that we set a kind of $$ amount on this that if supported we will pay out MORE HNY if the price of HNY drops and LESS HNY if the HNY price rises.

I have no problem with proposals having funding only that the community needs to be mindful that the currency people are being paid in is HNY for work being done and valued in $$ and that if the HNY allocated falls short of the $$ we will need to fund more HNY to make up for the $$ shortfall, and if HNY rises in price I would like to see HNY going back into common fund vs. just sitting with the swarm or just paid out (because they can).

I really am looking forward to celeste and think the hourly rates above are reasonable.

One thing I am wondering and this is a suggesting perhaps. I am now keeping a meticulous log of time spent on projects. At some point I will be submitting examples of my log and am wondering if key contributors might start keeping time journals that document what they are doing that everyone can poke at.

This is to support additional work, work up to now is being paid for by the mainnet 1Hive DAO: https://client.aragon.org/#/1hivellc/0x41b08139babd4bda5f4815eb59891edfb9cfbebf/ From which the dollars are about to run out. The total amount of time spent so far on this is hard to determine but will be a few hundred hours at least.

That is the case, as per this statement.

That’s not unreasonable. However, I’d like to avoid as much overhead as possible because we’re already stretched pretty thin. We have the check-in channel though which I would encourage everyone to use. I’m curious to see your examples though.

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you can check this sheet , so far this the only i know for celeste ~~
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Ok sounds like 1/2 to 2/3 complete then. Not unreasonable. Thanks for the answers @willjgriff

Cool and good. Thanks again.

True. Since others are looking in not unreasonable. So basically total price on Celeste is going to be equivalent of roughly 100K when all is said and done.

Thanks again. I will be adding my support to this proposal since I believe it is this kind of work we should be spending 150HNY on.

TIme line to completion, testing, and deployment here is basically what around Jan 1 2021 without any hitches or say Feb/Mar with hitches (which probably will increase overall cost)?

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Yeah, I think that’s about right, taking into account the back-end services and front-end work that’s remaining plus deployment. There’s been a lot of spec changes as well.

Yeah that’s what we’re hoping for and further development may incur another request for more HNY.

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Yeah that sounds right. Contingencies and all that.

Thanks again for the on request elaboration. Already swung in enough support to get it passed in now 8 days :wink: Excited to see how this works out.

One thing I don’t quite understand regarding celeste ‘juror’ or ‘oracle’ selection (the semantics is unimportant atm). Do we have to put up a stake to be on the list for selection or is selection kind of automatic if one has HNY in a wallet and then we have to stake to accept selection?

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You have to stake, locking your HNY (won’t be able to vote on proposals or provide liquidity etc), the more you stake, the higher chance you have to be selected. There will be a max limit imposed using BrightId though. The max limit will likely be high to begin with to mitigate any issues with BrightId (falling back to the standard Aragon Court tokenomics). Also the max limit is on a sliding scale, gets smaller the more is staked.

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Ah so Celeste is going to be the 3rd competitor for HNY with governance and LP farming.
Also how is the sliding scale going to be implemented. Like say I stake 10 HNY when 10 was the max, if the max drops to 5 will the interface show me I have 10 staked and 5 active or ??

Thank you again for replies. I don’t expect such speedy replies and don’t want to interrupt your important work.

I think I should just wait for implementation. BTW: If you need any alpha or beta testers on Celeste let me know would be happy to help flesh out issues and improve the UI.

You can’t stake more than the current maximum but Celeste doesn’t withdraw any stake when the maximum drops, so you will remain staked with whatever you originally staked, minus any that’s slashed.

That would great! We’re hoping to do a deployment to Rinkeby in the next couple of weeks and will share details about it as soon as we do.

Thank you for explaining the funding process transparently.
I just have one doubt, Celeste will be a DAO that will belong to 1Hive, just as HoneySwap is, right? But, will celeste have its own token or it will be hny too (the one from HoneySwap)?

Celeste will still use the HNY token

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