ChallengeMe Oracle SmartContract

Just wanted to raise an idea - I am not sure if this conflicting around celeste its put that for discussion in discord #celeste .

How about a Challenging Smartcontract where two parties can challenge for an outcome. The outcome will be decided by the inherent oracle or a oracle which while creating the challenge we will point to a a URL which can spit the outcome.

For example
A and B register in the smartcontract and put say 100 USD each, time to check , And post a URL which will give the outcome in a JSON an oracle will read the
response and set the appropriate outcome.

Where it can be used any game, any sport event - Me and my friend decide to play X game if the X game can implement to show the result for a certain game the outcome
can be decided and money sent to whoever was the winner.

Its like Pooltogether probably but with a decisive outcome of an action from minimum parties.

Lets say I can add one more example:

  1. A and B challenge, A says price of bitcoin will be < 50000 and B says > 50000

API to check
“bitcoin”: {
“usd”: 59292
value to check

The oracle checks the URL supplied in the contract for specific time and then sends the pooled amount to who wins this case B

P.S: I am already working on another project but if anyone is willing to adopt the idea I am there to support and drive the project.

Its a pretty simple use case and will require SmartContract Dev, Front End Dev and Oracle to update the results.