Change xcomb to hny

excellent day for all, we see daily that the downtrend of xcomb does not stop, and instead HNY has had a very good trading chart, and completed a market cycle and weekly chart is in an uptrend, therefore it is very convenient to pay our investors (farm LP) with HNY instead of XCOMB, and it would be much better to eliminate XCOMB and move to PCOMB. simple and simple proposal but of great value for a trader or investor even institutional.


We don’t have investors.
xComb is an lp reward token on the xDai chain and pComb is an lp reward token on the Polygon chain.
Paying Farm rewards has been tried with Honey.
We didn’t consider it a success.

Have you read our wiki
to understand better what Honey is for and how it works?


thank you for reading and giving your opinion. it is very satisfying for us, what I mean is that xcomb payments are not profitable for LPs, it would be more profitable if xcomb is changed by hny, if you know about trading charts, at a glance you can see that xcomb goes down and hny stays in a very healthy chart that can even create a new market cycle. Thanks for your time and attention

Don’t do TA on anything other than BTC or ETH.

thanks but I never fall in love with an asset I just follow the price action.

The price action for xcomb will continue down for a while still

The price action for pcomb will be exactly the same as xcomb

It is useless to try and use price action for any insights on either of those tokens any time in the near future because they are completely inflationary now, and will not be deflationary for a long time, at least 6 months is my guess


We created xComb specifically because we did not want downward sell pressure on HNY. This is a feature, not a bug.


I agree with what the guys has said @universumdeux
And i also think price action or technical analysis doesn’t work on tokens like xComb.
And if you toggle the chart(HNY-USDC) on log scale you’ll see a bit different one.
I think it’s better to see this chart on log scale. :slightly_smiling_face:

As Sandpiper stated, xCOMB/pCOMB was designed as a separate token, since we did in fact reward LPs with HNY in our first farming attempt, which resulted in a lot of sell pressure on Honey, gaming and drama.

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Absolutely not unless you want to see HNY in similar decline.

We already did this before. Lets not make the same mistake of doing it again.

My analysis posted elsewhere stands. It won’t take more than a few months before xCOMB price levels out. The issue isn’t LP rewards it is Honeyswap volume.

I have said this before and will say it again.

Fees via trading volume drives LP, not the other way around.