Childhood memories

Dear community, does anyone have anything left in their mind about this photo?
If you have a memory, tell us, maybe we should get a result

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I got the opportunity to watch that series when it was about to be removed from the TV schedule.
Then I remember when I was 12, (for those that don´t know it I am 17) they started to show this another cartoon: (remastered I think it is worse but better image quality)

My generation grew up enjoying the last old cartoons, and also the new ones. I remember Heidi, Willy Fog, the old Doraemon… XDDDD
I don´t know what was on TV in other countries, but I can show you my favorite cartoon here in Spain:
(Spanish titles sorry)


Well there are more and more and more. I could adding more for 2 hours. El dinotren, lazy town, más recientemente El Asombroso Mundo de Gumball, Beyblade, Ben 10, Pokemon, Fanboy y Chum Chum…

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Very good
Childhood memories will always remain in the human mind
You know what bees have been up to

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yeah, i remember that. that was really fuuny.

I loved this cartoon. DIGIMON
I remember the days when even my school notebooks had a picture of this cartoon.


I didn’t see that cartoon but I have heard a lot about it.

yeah that was famous.
you may like these links:

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@Elartistazo @harsh24 @Rohekbenitez @
These are all part of our sweet childhood memories

What has remained in your mind for a long time?

Do you have a memory?

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This is a good question and can have good feedback.

Instead of thinking about the past and the memories of the past, it might be better for us to look at the life of bees today and think.
How these bees do their job properly and beautifully?

Some bees have a social life.Perhaps every bee is unaware of the entire life system of bees.But in position and class they are, they do their job well and in my opinion in the best possible way.

And we humans, with advanced equipment, can now monitor their entire lives, and perhaps we can draw conclusions from them and emulate them in a 1hive society. :honeybee: :sunflower: :pray:


The subject goes back to the past and the effect that these cartoons have on people
Why do we have memories with these animations?
What are the reasons for the survival of this type of cartoon?
What is the issue behind them?

Its really a hard question.
maybe because they have full of colors, happiness, kindness and good endings.
and also there are some characters in them, that we want to be like them to.
you know what i mean?
I think cartoons or animations are one of the effective factors that are very effective and important in shaping the personality of children and adolescents, and the role models of children and adolescents are the heroes of these animations.

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN I forgot about that cartoon, oh I think it was my favorite when I was 4-5

Well done
You are referring to the points that I have in mind
The question is what effect of these animations still lingers in our minds

yeah most of us have a memory of that cartoon

As i told, the most important thing that affects, is on our personality, imo.
but it needs exact research to answer.

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I think these animations let us know that working with groups
Bees and their coexistence and coordination in them has helped the colony a lot to increase their activity and this makes them make more honey and continue to live purposefully, right?

To some extent
The goal is to make a lasting impression on the audience
The memories we have of a subject with honey content come alive for us when we work with the 1hive and #honey community.
Now, if we want this permanence to remain for others in the future, we must move towards such activities as well

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One of the most popular memories in series, let’s say for many adults or children, is Dragon ball!

it’s really great forever! :white_check_mark: