Coinbase Rewards Incentive

Right now Coinbase is giving away free crypto as rewards to those who complete the rewards videos on their website. You must have an account, and likely KYC. These rewards are easy to get, and are a pretty good value ($163 if you complete all of them). The rewards you can currently get are: $59 in COMP, $43 in BAND, $50 in XLM, $6 in CGLD, $6 in MKR.

One of the components of the rewards is sharing with others to get them to complete the videos using your link (up to 4 for each link). My idea is we can use this program to help the community, and i am further incentivizing people to use my links by kicking back 25% of the link rewards ($2.50) in honey to those who use my links. Those people can then post their links below, and should offer the same incentive to continue to chain onwards. This way everyone can enjoy the free coinbase rewards, and enjoy some extra honey :slight_smile:

COMP – link: 4/4 invites


  1. Earn interest on crypto

  2. Supply crypto asset as collateral

  3. COMP token holders

XLM - link: 4/4 invites


  1. A decentralized protocol that unites the world financial infrastructure.

  2. Facilitating low cost, universal payments.

  3. Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and global.

  4. To issue, exchange, and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently

  5. It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions

BAND - link: 4/4 invites


  1. Real world data

  2. Oracles

  3. Earn crypto rewards

Please contact me on discord once you’ve used the links and I can send you your honey.

Once you’re completed, put your links below and others can continue the chain UNLESS you do not plan to honor the 25% kickback. Please only put your links below if you are going to provide a kickback in honey.


Good idea, I’ve already went through mine months ago but no luck with sharing links. Everyone that has tried says they get “I am on waiting list”

Let me know if you use and I will kick you back 25% in honey.

Please exhaust Blazar’s links first before you use mine

Compound (0 of 4 claimed)

Band (1 of 4 claimed)

Stellar (0 of 4 claimed)


Would have totally done it if it wasn’t already done! lol :smile:

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Same here bro. About 3 people completed all the quizez and I still did not receive the XLM/Band.

Thanks @Blazar! I always do them when they come up and invite my girlfriend (using same IP). Always got the referral reward from her, so it’s pretty nice :smile:

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I applied and i am on waiting list :slight_smile: not sure why is there a waiting list,maybe my country is not supported there yet…

Exactly because of that, man.

Like Macedonia, Turkey is not also among eligible countries.

Im on a wait list to0 and im in the same country as @Blazar :thinking:

I am on the waiting list too, might need to have some transactions with the tokens to be eligible.

Ill join the train here. I only have COMP and BAND links, but ill definitely give the 25% kickback in HNY or XDAI as soon as the referral fills. (Please use the ones from above users first)

COMP - 4/4 remaining

BAND - 4/4 remaining

If you use a referral, message me and I will send the kickback after verifying the invite was used.

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