Comments regarding polling in general

We have two mechanisms to produce polls.

DIscourse and conviction voting.

My problem with a number of the polls popping up is that they do not allow for proper signaling to be achieved. Put in a better way they are anticipating a result vs. allowing the community of voters to signal their choice.

To this end I am proposing the following polling rules.

  1. A signaling poll should allow for a wide range of choices covering all the valid and reasonable choice options.
  2. A signaling poll should also allow for an abstain choice with a place for someone to explain why they are abstaining.
  3. A signaling poll should have completion metric. Either a time frame and or a result metric (50 people voting and majority(>50%) or super majority (>66%))
  4. A signaling poll when compete actually has an actionable result (next step)

Here is an example of real signaling poll guidelines from MakerDAO.

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