Community gift Birthday

Birthday gift

Because some of the people who are working here are interested in further studies and exploring this project in other networks and their own pages, I would suggest that if one does a series of minimal studies and with the project, it will be given a gift from the project on the anniversary of his birthday.

Usually, we humans always find something beautiful on our birthday and we are glad to get it.

Now let alone from the collection in which we are working, and we have the greatest concern for it.

I should be glad to share your opinions
:birthday: :honeybee: :honey_pot:


It is a nice proposal, I like it

good, i think everyone hope to get the birthday gift

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I like this idea. It checks your engagement at least once a year.

It also helps us figure out what kinds of beneficial activities everyone could be doing. Sometimes, Iā€™m unclear about what 1hive wants me to be doing :slight_smile:


@Masoud.manouchehri I think it is really great, your idea, in fact if at some point you formalize this proposal supporting it on something for approval, I could collaborate in the design area for whatever they need

Greetings from Colombia :coffee::partying_face:

hi @Rohekbenitez
Glad to be friends with you agree to this offer
Your coffee product is truly unique in the world
Like Persian carpets, saffron and pistachios

very interesting idea
And I think it would be even more interesting if those who have been a member of 1 hive for a year would receive a souvenir poap or nft for the annual commemoration. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :pray: :pray:

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This is how our coffee is, it is unique and if this proposal or idea is formalized, count on me to design :chart_with_upwards_trend::earth_americas: @Masoud.manouchehri

hi @mosix33
What a good suggestion
This is also a kind of anniversary, the anniversary of entering the #honey community
Finally, it shows our interest in this activity