Community Supporter 4th Month Proposal

Community Supporter 4th Month Proposal

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Last time we asked for 17HNY at an average of 1000$ per honey, for (11 HNY) distributed amongst 5 members, (4 HNY) for the community and (2 HNY) for the facilitator.

Team from the second month:

Team from the third month:

Due to the low activity, this funding lasted for two months. With the launch of Agave and the farms, we expect a new wave of people and more activity in the help channels.

From now on, we are adding Agave telegram to our coverage, and soon they will add help channels for their discord.

Again our goals remain the same:

  • To help with onboarding & troubleshooting
  • Highly active team (high accountability no work = no pay)
  • Inclusive, to have a fast turnover of people in community supporter role
  • Develop community people trained (team of 5 to consult with each other)
  • Facilitator role; he will be in charge of supervising, reviewing the analytics and paying the correct amount of hny to the supporters.


This time we are asking for 18HNY at a current average of 950$ per honey, for (11.9 HNY) distributed amongst 5 members, (4 HNY) for the community and (2.1 HNY) for the facilitator.

4th Month, First week team:

We also moved to colony, you can join here Colony


Voted. Its always good to see these members help everyone out on Discord. The colony link seems to be loading fairly slow? Just wondering if this is normal? Also what is this Colony for? Are we going to switch from the 1Hive Aragon interface for voting proposals?


It loaded fast for me!,

We moved because of the problem we had with Aragon. Also it’s more easy and faster to make payments!

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@Escanor hello anyone who has a child can vote?

Right on! Will throw my support behind this.

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We can attract more people with all kinds of challenges that we hold, and also if we increase liquidity for other people, and we can help them to be much more active and more active.

Well i don’t see any more active support than 1hive on discord support…
I appreciate your hardwork
Let’s keep it active…

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Thank you for always maintaining that enthusiasm and dedication to 1hive giving timely support to the community and vote! my support is with you

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Seems perfect to me! I support it! I will vote in favour of it as soon as Sandpiper add my new wallet address so I can vote again on proposals hahaha :honeybee: :honey_pot:

I wish I could vote ;-;

hm? You should be able to vote on proposals still, I don’t have any control over that.

Or maybe you just mean when the next distribution happens and you get more HNY?

@befitsandpiper I think it means you already updated your wallet, unless I’m wrong! Greetings @CryptoWonk

Hello @Escanor , with this helpful Community, it is possible to be successful.
How do I become a member of the community supporter? I read posts on Wiki, but I still didn’t get it!

Voted ! :honey_pot: :smile_cat: :+1: u guys are incredible picks nice format to distribute to the most actives members

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Hey man! to be part of the team you need to be really active helping others.


Ok thanks for your response

Hello, the forum is very good. I would also like to participate in this forum. Is it possible?

uhm, what do you mean? You’re already participating :smiley:

What do you mean by participating, giving your opinion or responding, you already do? or you want to make your own publications, you can also do it :honeybee::white_check_mark: