Community Supporter 9th Month Proposal

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Proposal description:

This proposal is for the continuation of the Support Swarm.

Proposal Rationale

We as the Support Swarm firmly believe that having a few core members always ready to help is important to keep our community welcoming.

Support Swarm has been actively working, making it easier for new individuals to get onboarded to 1Hive, help solving specifically technical problems that people may encounter using 1Hive’s products, and educating those individuals to engage in blockchain transactions in a secure manner.

Last month, we have decided to make some changes in the structure of the swarm, some of which are as follows:

Our goals:

  • To help with onboarding & troubleshooting.
  • Highly active team (high accountability no work = no pay)
  • Develop community people trained (group of 4 to consult with each other)
  • Facilitator role; he will supervise, review the analytics, and pay the correct amount of HNY to the supporters.
  • Keeping the Wiki updated.

Some changes:

  • We have reduced the number of Support members from 5 to 4 but now the facilitator also has to act as a support member.
  • We have reduced the facilitator payment
  • Now, instead of reducing the payment in slow weeks, we will pay a fixed amount of 800$ a month per support member.
  • Keeping the Wiki updated
  • The facilitator has to do some Feedback sessions with the members one time a month.


  • Now, each support member is actively checking every channel in our discord looking for newcomers to help out.

Roles in our Swarm:

  • Senior Supporter: They are the permanent support team on 1hive.
    • Have vast knowledge about 1Hive
    • Be available in the help channels and in Telegram
      A member can be removed if:
    • If absent for more than five days (Without telling us)
    • If someone violates our community covenant
    • Voluntarily
  • Facilitator: Facilitator role; he supervises, reviews the analytics, and pays the correct amount of HNY to the supporters plus every Senior Supporter task.

The idea overall is to have a solid support team. We will continue to pay some rewards for people who are actively helping and that are no part of the swarm.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

The funding requested is estimated to help us last for two more months.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Senior Supporter:


Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

Each member of the swarm is knowledgeable about the way 1Hive operates, and has a deep understanding about the specifics of other more technical swarms such as Gardens and Tulip. Therefore, the members will easily provide accurate and fast solutions to the issues encountered by the users or will be able to direct new individuals who are willing to become a contributor to the relevant swarm.

Starting next month, @solarmkd is leaving, and we have a new member, say hi to mrt!. He has helped many members of the community over the last few months.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested: 10,120$ - 47HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0xc04f47C474779cD115199291E177b84D167fE463


I have a problem with this proposal. we are averaging 1 question a day and from this group it looks like stonky was last to post on tg back on Nov 17th (so thats averaging 5 tg post a month). Just as an outsider maybe there’s more here, I see we have wiki updating but excluding that

$800 x 4 = $3200 / 30 questions / month = $106 per question

I am trying to figure out how I can effectively challenge this proposal as it seems a bit unnecessary considering 1hive has been a ghost town for past month outside of the trivia events.

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Well, it is not only on TG though. I mean it’s the whole discord. People are actively helping in various conversations instead of just linking a proposal and closing down any question. that was the treatment i got on bright ID. terrible support, got asked to study more the forum before asking for help.

Support basically happens on every channel when people need something. some of us bring people on DM to not cluster the channels.

I think that support is needed regardless. Today there have few requests, tomorrow there is more. It is what it is. Today I contribute more, tomorrow less, the day after more.
As you know i help A LOT on Agave Telegram, ad until now I never got anything from that other than from the Support proposal. fabio did amazing on help channel, enti worked his ass off to update the wiki because no other swarm would update anything for ages.

Support is for me one of the most needed swarms if we still hope to have newcomers. and…i hope we do.

The fact that 1hive is a ghost town is not a reason (imo) to challenge the support proposal. We are there to help people, we’re not there to bring people.

When the hotel is empty, you still have that one guy at the door, in case people eventually show up. Cutting off the guy means closing the hotel. In our case, cutting the swarm that is helping around and updating the documentation means cutting core contributors from earning something and keep discord and telegram a bit more alive.

plus, i wouldn’t want to get to the point that to be paid in 1hive you need to be a dev or… a dev.

So I hope people will still find the value in having always someone ready to help.


Support stays busy banning bots and gamers and providing answers to the community. It’s not really fair to break it down to dollars per question answered. Having someone on the ready walk a person through a wallet or dex issue is invaluable.

Edited to add, after reading @Stonky’s post, that other DAOs rely on 1Hive support. BrightID, for example, has been known to send people here.

Our support is important.

We are the exemplary DAO other DAOs look to because of our community and support, not because of our pairs and financial associates. Pay the support team.


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I have been following 1hive since 1 year, and the reason why I decided to buy a bunch of tokens (90) is that, after asking something on Discord, I found the community to be super responsive.

To me looks like being focused on chats and being responsive is a work, even when there are few occasions.

At the same time it’s important to ask ourselves the question of what we might do better to have more adoption, more interest around the token.

Gardens might be a good answer to this, and other swarms could help in this. I have done a lot of research in the web3 space, and 1Hive looks to me one of the few projects that are really community first and not a corporation where the decisions on who can be onboarded in the DAO to bring value to the community are taken by corporate-minded HR people that is not gonna make what means “permissionless” and “decentralized”.

My 2 cents :slight_smile: