Content Economy that forms a DAO powered inspired by Celestial

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Content Economy that forms a DAO powered inspired by Celestial

Content Economy

A content mechanism that is leveraged by risk management and quality which produces community driven rewards:

Celeste integrated content economy.

-A person creates a topic and stakes some HNY to it(let’s call it arbitrarily 10).

-Posting a comment to that particular topic should be capped, let’s make it %10 and in that case it would be 1 HNY.

There are 11 HNY invested in this particular case for the topic. What does that do and where does HNYs go?

Those HNYs don’t go anywhere IF no one creates a dispute accusing that topic or those comments are not valuable. That provides the same amount of HNY to create a dispute with an explanation of the rationale WHY that particular content is not valuable to the proportion of staked HNY. IF someone creates a dispute, stakeholders would sort it out by their voting system just as they would in the Celeste.

(Further reading on Celeste: Celeste (Coming soon) - 1Hive)

-If there is no dispute, the network has been kept clean by aversion of lost funds from the users by producing quality content.
-If there is a dispute and stakeholders’ votes tag it as unnecessary dispute then content creator gets a bit of HNY some would be distributed to stakeholders(underdeveloped, not specified at this point of time)
-If there is a dispute and stakeholders votes tag it as valid dispute and challenger gets a bit of HNY some would be distributed to stakeholders(underdeveloped, not specified at this point of time)

Extension 1:

Bonus rewards are also produced by upvoting the content by observers(readers, basically anyone in the community, there is no downvote instead of creating a dispute)

This might a create a DAO culture where if you see someone who risks 10 HNY to post something in addition to providing good content, community members would reward this ballsy move by giving them 0.1 HNY collectively by their upvote in contrast to giving 0.01 HNY who risked 1 HNY to create a content as good as the person who risked 10 HNY.

Extension 2:

There would be a sorting mechanism to see posts and comments sorted by staked value in them.

Content Economy works as it is carefully incentive based

There are 4 type of agents those have incentive to participate in this community

Content Creators(posters/commentators): They stake HNY which might result in rewards from the community, and they would also build a status in the community by their quality content as well as their confidence in their content by staking as much as HNY they could have.(Lowest and the highest HNY could be staked should be capped in the system: unspecified at this point in time)

Challengers/Disputers: They would pursue a better environment for the community by seeking quality content by compiling good judgement that makes them “quality content arbitrators”.

Stakers: Stakers would work as Wikipedia editors(both comments and posts), only which they would get paid when there is a dispute between content creators and disputerst.

Observers: These are participants of the community that votes their money to the content cretors as a bonus. Even small donations such as 0.001 HNY to someone who created a great content might add up a thousands of those votes to create a big sum for the content creator.

Note: This also reinforces the culture where people donates, and observes the power of the creators and they might start to create quality content as they have inspected many alike. This might create a real economy that favors the really quality content as opposed to favoring most attention driven as traditional systems sorts out. This might project a future of a new sorting mechanism for the World Wide Web to really differentiate information by its quantifiable economical value. This might even result in creating a new kind of prediction market where content creators could rule the whole economy by their good judgement in their calls and contents. All of these on chain content might also serve as NFTs.

A lot of applications can be built where a good economy driven content creator DAO is established in a robust incentive based network.

Note 2: Everything is open source and can be viewed on chain.

Incentivization for the balance of the protocol

Content Creators: They risk HNY proportion to their confidence in their post. If they allocate resources well enough and they are honest to themselves and to the community, disputers/challengers are not a threat. What they would gain is the status by the staked HNY on their posts and small rewards from the users that have benefited from that content. Both of these contribute to Content Creators’ resources nevertheless. They also have an edge that they could build a good reputation base in a short amount of time by stacking a lot of funds to draw attention to their content while risking little to nothing as long as they provide good information.

Disputers: They would take a risk to dispute a content to earn more HNY to become the truth arbitrators, but they also should convince the stakeholders that their dispute is legitimate. If the content creator is convinced that their content is not good enough, they can back down and draw a percentage of their funds back and let disputers keep some of it before taking this dispute to stakeholders.
StakeHolders: Judges of the protocol. Stakeholders are the juris but if they would favor the unjustified disputes, they might lose all of their stake by the community where they can easily fork since this would be an open source project.

Observers: These people are here in this community to learn and be at the edge of the distributed information on the web. A lot of them are future content contributors and active participants since they are going to evolve in this competitive, status generating content economy that leads to a hive mind DAO that is completely driven by economic value of content and decision making of its participants.

Expected duration or delivery date: Unspecified (if applicable):
How long do you think it will take to deliver on your proposal: Unspecified

Team Information: 1 person: fiyu (For Funding Proposals)):

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work: Tinkering, Reading, Speculating

What are some of your skills or related experiences that might help inform HNY holders about your ability to execute on your proposal: I don’t have any credentials. I don’t workI live in the moment and be as creative as I could be whenever it is possible.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested: It is not specified.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: It is not specified.

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used: It is not specified.

NOTE: This is an underdeveloped idea that needs collaboration and research with the HNY “team”. I need other voices to form a SWARM to discuss details of the proposal to foresee what kind of requirements for the project to be deployed on. Developers and community perspective is needed. Purpose of this topic is not to be finalized but to brainstorm what we could bring to life in further discussion.

First actionable stage of this idea/proposition is discussing it with interested parties here or discord.