Core Development Payment

I am a core contributor of primarily Solidity development to the 1Hive repos:


I am requesting HNY for a large portion of the development effort for the previous month. This work has included:

  • The deployment of UniswapV2 to xDAI, used in HoneySwap.
  • Development of Disputable Aragon Apps (Delay, Conviction Voting), necessary for integration with Celeste and Aragon Court.
  • Development of the Celeste contracts, our fork of Aragon Court, integrating BrightId to impose max active stakes for jurors, limiting rich jurors from gaining unfair arbitration power.

Note that the requested amount accounts for the relatively limited liquidity and high volatility of HNY.


You are doing great and a lot of work! Shouldn’t there be a number in your proposal and a link to where to vote?


Link to vote is here!
But agree - wanted to (and will) vote for this but it says ‘note that the requested amount’, what is the requested amount? :slight_smile: 1Hive is super impressive, thx for all that work.


Something seems wrong with the voting system? There are 2 contradictory/incomplete statements on that voting page:

This proposal is requesting 40 Honey out of 6,756.54 Honey currently in the common pool.



Won’t pass

Not enough funds in the organization(Funding requests must be below 0% organization total funds).

40 HNY doesn’t seem like a very large portion of the nearly 7000 HNY available; but it is definitely more than 0%.

Does this need to be fixed? Else we will have all proposals stuck?

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Apologies for omitting the request amount and link to the proposal, thanks for the suggestions. I will ensure I include them from now on.

Unfortunately we’ve had to pause all executions of conviction votes for the time being due to a bug, as detailed in this announcement:

No proposals will be able to be executed and the UI is likely to look buggy for a couple of weeks until we fix the issue.


the proposal needs 1% of the 7000 honey available to pass, ONCE that many honey is staked, then 40 honey will be released FROM the pool to the requestor

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