Could Hny and Xdai realize the same success by following the lead of BSC gamified DAO NFT platforms?

Mobox’s Momo NFT platform on BSC, Alien Worlds on Wax chain are two highly successful non eth examples. Mobox has a strong community where veMBOX holders have ownership. 1hive and Mobox share similar community forums, suggestion, proposal, and voting protocols. Hire a digital creator or have qualified community members submit buzzedBee NFT designs to be adopted via vote then reward the winning designers. Randomized drops can be obtained by providing LP initially or single asset hny staking. Open a NFT marketplace after a certain mint goal is obtained with hny being the currency transacted following along the with what CryptoMines is doing with $Eternal, except here it’s $Hny along with say NFT bee’s, queens & colonies, and instead of planets to mine we could sell garden plots to mine pollen to make $Hny.