Create a 1hive stablecoin vault on xdai

1hive stablecoin vault

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
I would like to create a stablecoin vault on xdai chain. So users which have stablecoins can deposit their coins directly at the 1hive stablecoin vault, or they hve the ability to buy - directly into xdai chain, without any bridging. This vault would use safe investment strategies (eg LP or careful selected stablecoin smartcontracts like YFI) to get a similar reward as other staking solutions of stablecoins. (Also of course part of awards should go back to all HNY holders/stakers.)

Proposal Rationale
It needs something like this to make it simpler to use stablecoins on xdai network

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
1-2months, depends what features should be done. (tbd.)

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)


Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
I am longterm crypto enthusiast, and i work in IT industry. We delivered successfully many software and apps, also some blockchain projects.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

tbd HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
Detailed projectplan tbd

*** Inputs are very welcome, i wanted to start a draft proposal, so i can get together all ideas and inputs. ***

Thanks. May the Force be with you. Stephan


Great , I thought the team would be considered on this