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Hi everyone
As you can see, charitable activities have a variety of areas, and perhaps it is safe to say that for most of the problems of human society, a charitable idea can be considered.
The problems are so many that it is not necessary to mention even an example of it in this article, and each of us is faced with a large number of its daily types
My suggestion is that we consider a charity fund for the association and all members can participate if they wish.
In the event of a specific event or accident, we can also help solve that problem
To do this, first I am willing to consider a #honey :honey_pot: as an opening, and if others agree, from time to time they will charge some of it and the members will decide on the cost.
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I think spending community funds on charitable causes is definitely a worthwhile endeavor. Are you proposing to create a Swarm-like entity and to have members of the Community donate to it, and then that Swarm will decide where and how to donate the funds? Alternatively, we could treat each cause on a case-by-case basis and simply put up a new proposal when a charitable need is identified.

I believe the first option allows for a quicker response in times of dire need but would take a dedicated group to manage it.

A major issue I have with traditional charities is the lack of traceability. How do I know that the funds I donate are making to the people that are actually in need? Considering that in most cases the crypto would need to be sold for fiat in order to reach the people where they need it, I see this as a difficult problem to solve with the current system. has been doing good work in the area of giving crypto for charity. Perhaps you can check them out.


I think trust would be an issue if we just had a few people deciding where money goes so I do tend more toward doing individual proposals for different causes.

One other thought this brings up for me is that by creating trade opportunities within the community that could provide a way to support community members without just exchanging for fiat and doing a venmo. If there are more goods and services purchasable with honey then community charity would move value around the community.

Well I would imagine it run more like a Swarm which is more or less open to anyone to become a contributing member and can act like a mini DAO that have a voting mechanism on proposals within the CharityDAO. The trust issue I have is what I mentioned earlier about how we know the funds are getting to real people in need. We would need reliable traceability for that.

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The issue of trust is quite true and due to the fact that the members of the association do not really know each other, they may be abused in some cases.
But a suggested solution can be considered for it
For example, in each country, we have a number of #honey members who can communicate with each other, and as a group of them, it was guaranteed that this help will be spent on the same activity for which help has been collected and distributed under the name of 1hive Association.
After all, we have to trust each other from somewhere

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I am interested on the scope of this, Do you see this as more of a swarm that can connect/promote crypto giving, do you see this as more of an organization to perform actual charity work, both, or something else?

It seems this could go a couple of different ways, in regards to the swarm we would need to scope it since I personally don’t give to what you can maybe describe as charitable fundraising organized bodies. Primary reason is waste in over-head, misuse of funds, and scope creep of their goals. However, I do see value these organized bodies can bring to awareness. Many people wouldn’t give at all if it weren’t for these types of organizations.

I am probably the outlier but I give 80% of my donations to 3 charities I know very well, I know the work they are doing, and have the best idea of how the money is spent for biggest impact. The challenge of this approach is diversity of giving, there are many causes that have significantly low visibility.

It seems like an interesting idea, but the main issue is trust, which makes the job difficult, and on the other hand, because it is difficult to track payments that reach the needy people properly or not! To solve this problem, you can use the bright id project to specify the identity of each account, which can solve this problem to some extent. :honeybee: :honey_pot:

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The main problem is the uncertainty of the activities performed
There are several solutions to this
First: announcing the readiness of a group of people living in a country or a city
Second: Getting approval from people with a good reputation in the community 1hive
Third: Verified via brithid

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There is a lot of interest in ideas like this. @Masoud.manouchehri the universal income project I was with had plans to create a charitable arm of the Dao. Ideas around automation were being discussed in very early stages. For example, if a class 4 hurricane struck Haiti, smart contracts could automatically pay out X amount of $. Really great possibilities once the mechanics are worked out. Or earthquake of X magnitude…Or forest fire destructions of X homes…

Sounds like you are pretty committed to the idea. Run with it Sir!


This is a good idea, but it needs to be expanded to become a complete idea. What do you think this idea lacks in order to reach a complete idea and be used?

The first is the issue of how people should not trust each other

Hmmm. I am no expert in this field and am speaking as common citizen. As much as possible the system must be of trustless design so that fraud and theft are prevented. There might be disagreement among the givers about who is the best recipient It would be nice to deliver the funds/supplies to the those in need as directly as possible and not an agency. You need a way to measure the performance of the charitable giving, preferably directly from the recipients. This might be easier with local charities versus global.
Accountability is important like previously mentioned. Maybe this is an opportunity to partner with supply-line tracking enterprises.

How can people in the community trust us? First we have to attract them and be able to take our side and we have to be able to build credibility among people so that people can trust us. This will make it a lot easier for us.

Sometimes people who work in a more limited society know each other and in many cases they know each other’s background in various activities.
That’s why I say we can start by telling people who trust each other to form a smaller group and prove their performance to the community for a while.
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@Masoud.manouchehri This is true, but how can we get our people to support us and be with us so we can grow the group and help each other build a strong community?

I love this idea.

I can think of several charities that could use the benefit of increased funding and support. There’s one particular charity CureSearch for Children’s Cancer that is woefully underfunded. Unlike St. Jude’s (which is a hospital with ~80 beds, and great for those 80 kids that get a bed) CureSearch funds new drugs that will actually go to help kids with all types of cancer around the world.

We can optionally introduce the account or a trusted person and the community can spend some of the #honey received every week or month for charity.

So there’s a few ways this can actually work. Since I work in Healthcare I have experience interacting with and operating in the non-profit and charity space.

Creation of a charitable giving foundation
1.) Honey can create a non-profit foundation to accept honey payments from those who wish to donate / however it wants to accept money for charitable causes
2.) Identify the charity (or charities / causes you want to support) I can envision a base charity plus additional rotating causes / proposals that people can vote on to support for that month / year or however long the term is
3.) contact the target charity to help them get set up to accept proceeds or stipulate that they need to do this first
4.) In some instances, there is a clause to ‘Know your donor’ if they want to receive tax benefits. This can happen at the individual level if they wish to claim it, at an anonymous level, or at an organizational level (such as the foundation)

Just a few thought starters…

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This is very good, but my opinion is that we should first secure the community to make sure that everyone who enters is guaranteed security first, then we can operate and develop it safely.


Yes, it is true that we can start from here and we are sure that we will succeed in this direction

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