Crypto Family Bridge Proposal

Dear honeyswap community.

I am Edy Haddad, founder and head developer of the Crypto Family.

For the past couple of months we’ve been working day and night on the first ever open decentralized bridge that would help move funds in between blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Atom, etc…

We have succeeded beyond our own expectations at developing a decentralized, open, cheap, and instant bridge to help move any kind of funds in between blockchains. The bridge was made open, so anyone can add their token to it using one simple transaction, it’s instant where we were able to make the bridge so fast it’s only limitations were the blockchains it supported, it’s cheaper than most bridges for it doesn’t take a fee in % but only takes a fixed transaction fee like that of a blockchain, it’s decentralized for it is run by nodes and not by a singular entity (42 nodes that run on proof of staked authority on every link)(each pair of blockchains require one link).

This bridge is the first ever bridge that allows users to freely add their tokens and projects to it, without the need to apply or wait, it’s as open and decentralized as a blockchain, and freely accessible by anyone to add tokens to and transfer on.

The bridge was made scalable and secure, where transfers from ETH to Polygon would cost less than 1 cent in transaction fees on the bridge and instantly transferred with barely any waiting time

We were wondering if you’d love to join us on this project, to use the bridge to create your own pegged tokens for assets such as stable coins (USDT, DAI) that are based on Ethereum, and give users the ability to instantly withdraw those assets to another blockchain, to get honeyswap’s tokens on multiple blockchains and maybe even get honeyswap itself on multiple blockchains, we feel our bridge can help you expand your ideas and break the limits the lack of communication between blockchains has set for you. We are also thinking that honeyswap can be the webpage users go to, to use the bridge, that you could be the interface for our bridge for honeyswap and non honeyswap users to refer to when they need this service. You’d be the bridge’s beacon on Polygon and xDAI.


Could you please explain how the application on the blockchain can work more quickly than the blockchain itself?

I may not be understanding what you’re saying here.

Allow me to explain it through an example.

The Ethereum Blockchain can process 16 transactions per second, while the Bridge can read and forward transactions from one blockchain to another at much more than 16 transactions per second, making transactions on the Bridge limited by the speed of the Blockchain it’s being transferred to and not by the by the bridge itself.

So if the Bridge can process 600 transactions per second, and the Ethereum blockchain can process 16 transactions per second, then the bridge is limited to 16 transactions per second due to one of the blockchains it is linking, while theoretically it can be much faster