Hi everyone who’s reading this topic and I’m grateful you stopped by.

1.I was interested to hear from whole honeyswap community about your moments, when did you first time hear about crypto and honeyswap (throw internet/from friend and etc…) ?

2.Was that love at first sight :smiley: ?

3.Can crypto change and impact in some near future in World in your opinion ?

4.Where you see 1hive in near future ?

5.Are crypto mean personally something to you ?

6.What you think can we see some small light at the end of tunnel for group of pepole called by name “scammers” in future ?

If anyone has an opinion and answers to this question, share them with the :honey_pot:swap community on this forum.

Hello there DogeKing!

  1. I saw that Ivan on Tech had been mentioning Honeyswap for a while and when I had a look the honey faucet seduced me into the whole 1hive project haha.
  2. It took a week maybe, but I’m probably never going back to Uniswap fees.
  3. Yes. It already is. This transformations will be from the bottom up, though (which makes me feel safer tbh).
  4. Thriving as a great community and improving bee services.
  5. It is the best form of protest. Silent and capable of joining, not dividing people.
  6. I think even with scammers the risk is much smaller than current economic system. There was a risk of getting hacked when the internet first appeared and that didn’t stop mass adoption.

I’ll see you around the community! :slight_smile: