Crypto Royale: COTW Tournament with 1Hive?


I’m active in the Crypto Royale ($ROY) community, a free-to-play and play-to-earn browser game which organizes tournaments every Sunday. On occasion we co-host a “Coin of The Week” (COTW) tournament with other communities, in those tournaments participants get to win a token, receive them in their wallet and get exposed to other new interesting crypto-projects.

We get around 500 concurrent players for these tournaments and every participant wins a share of the prize pool based on their result in the competition. The competition get publicized on forums, blogs, reddit and various Discords by our members, those advertisements usually also link to the co-host’s project.

Would this kind of marketing opportunity be useful/interesting for 1Hive in order to get more eyes on the project and potentially gain new holders in the process?

The prize pools offered from previous co-hosts started around a couple of $100 and went up to $1200 (+ some NFT’s) for the largest.

Lastly, for reference, we have hosted three tournaments with Shapeshift ($FOX), a project that I know is in partnership with 1Hive (for being an active Shapeshift DAO contributor too ;)), they even got their own Fox skin in the game due to their overwhelming support, those skins will also eventually become mintable as NFT’s (and have a limited supply).