CTC Garden - Suggestion Proposal

Artwork Curation - Chomsky

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
Request a minimum of 6 and maximum of 24 designs similar to Chomsky’s previous work featured in the HNY Rare LP NFT farm with some characters suggested to Chomsky by the community and some as free choice. Each design will earn 30 xDAI worth of COLD tokens to be sent from the common pool with a funding proposal upon completion (minimum 6 per proposal)

You can now vote with gCOLD for this suggestion proposal in the CTC Garden

Proposal Rationale
The CTC community have enjoyed farming and collecting Chomsky’s artwork and would like to see more just like it. Chomsky would love to create more content for us and has agreed to take on the task.

Expected duration or delivery date
2 weeks for a minimum viable product, 12 weeks for all 24 designs

Team Information

This proposal was created on Chomsky’s behalf by Portals

Telegram: @Chomsky7, Twitter: @Chomsky_7

Funding Information

Amount of COLD requested: 30 xDAI worth of COLD per design

Chomsky’s Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0xfB5B22B5c08319e266b42593cf3911F199612Dc5


Sweet, can’t wait to see them :smiley:

Wow this is amazing… totally love this concept… when do we expect to get them

The first 6 designs have been completed and submitted by Chomsky. If/when this proposal should pass a funding proposal for payment and details of the NFT launch will be announced shortly after. Join the Cold Truth Culture Discord to stay up to date with the latest news and community discussion.


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I just added support for this proposal, we shall PASS!


Chomsky has delivered 9x designs to Portals