Custom Decision Vote Logic in Garden DAO's

We are trying to setup a RegDAO (regulated DAO), in the form of a registered german Coop and try to mimic it’s legal settings inside of a 1hive garden as primary tool for operations and treasury management.

Our currently struggle ist that, a german coop requires by its “covenant” contract, that each member can not have more than max 3 votes for any “decision vote” that requires a defined majority. Also new members who want to be allowed for future decision votes need to be accepted one by one individually and need to pay an entry fee to gain access to the dao.

We would love to use conviction voting for most of the day to day decisions as a “layer 2 member and community governance” and only use “hard layer 1 decision voting” for legally required changes to the covenant, choosing a board of directors (legal representives), accepting new members or annual accounts and their distribution of yearly proceeds.

Our question, would it be possible (if yes, with what effort) to add a one member one vote functionally for each decision vote and keep the token weighted voting for all other conviction voting processes?


There’s not a great way to do this with Gardens right now - governance tokens for decision voting and Conviction Voting are very much linked, and that flow for decision voting would need a lot of custom work that gardens doesn’t have the resources to do right now.

If I were you guys I’d build your decision voting with other DAO tooling (like gnosis safe or Moloch DAO) and then just use the Garden for Conviction Voting… you’ll get the more out of the Garden that way.

Very happy to help with the CV setup if you go that route.