DAO Platforms’ Evaluation

Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam are researching the process of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) platform selection for Software Producing Organizations. Recently, we designed and implemented a Decision Support System for technology selection, such as DBMS and Blockchain Platform Selection, that supports software architectures, developers, and other decision-makers at software-producing organizations in the initial phase of software development.

The research is part of the SecureSECO project (https://secureseco.org/). I am one of the researchers on the project and work in close cooperation with dr. Slinger Jansen (Utrecht University) and dr. Siamak Farshidi (University of Amsterdam).

In the current phase of the research, we evaluate different DAO platforms based on their features. Accordingly, we collected a set of potential features that different DAO platform might support.

Currently, we have considered 27 DAO platform in our evaluation. If you know about their features, we would ask you kindly to indicate the supportability of the features by these DAO platforms (Please see the following Google sheet).

DAO Platform Evaluation

For more information, please visit our websites:


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Hello Elena.
How are you doing today?
It’s interesting that DAOs are an object of university research.
May I ask what the purpose of the study is?

Quickly, 1Hive is on xDai blockchain, which you do not have listed.
As there are several DAOs on xDai and more are considering migrating or launching to xDai that might be nice to add.

I believe most of the columns can be filled by referring to our wiki.

Also, have you seen this article?

Thank you for your interest and for including 1Hive.


This is the section @metaverde is referring to, need to include xDai: I went ahead an added a row: image

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Thanks for sharing the article and your suggestion.

We are going to build a decision model for the DAO platform selection problem to support software producing organizations with this decision problem. We have done similar research in other decision-making domains, such as blockchain platform selection and cloud service provider selection. Please check out our decision support system website: https://dss-mcdm.com/

According to the expert interviews that we have done, we realized that 1Hive should be one of the alternatives in our decision model.

In this phase of the research, we are looking for finding the features that the DAO platforms support.

Actually, we need experts to assist us with this phase of the research and indicate the supportability of the features by the DAO platforms.

Thanks for your suggestion.


So you’re trying to commercialize DAOs?
Am I understanding this correctly?
Also, I am curious as to the experts you’ve interviewed.
Can you name names?

Thank you.