DAO Rush Week- This week- Ideas needed!

This is very last minute, but I got us into DAO rush week.
We are having an open house Friday in the cafe at 7:30-8:30 PM UTC.

I’d love help brainstorming what to talk about.
My idea is to keep it super short- maybe ten minute range- then take questions and comments- then maybe do another 5 or ten minutes?
I can talk longer, but I feel like it’s better to talk less then have another bit prepared if necessary.

Points to hit-
1Hive is about community, live-testing governance and economics in close collaboration with other DAOs- Aragon SourceCred Token Engineering Commons BrightID-
So we’re effectively a research lab for other DAOs.
Use conviction voting/That’s important.
Other DAOs using our Gardens model.

We’re bringing affordable defi into the crypto space.
We’re promoting NFTs on xdai.
Something about Celeste.

I’m still feeling new here outside of BuzzDAO, which is where I’ve spent most of my time.
Any help is appreciated.


Come for the Honey.
Stay for the Bees.

Keep beeing delightful.


I think it sounds great!

I’m not sure I would say we are a research lab for other DAOs, but something more along the lines of experimenting on the frontiers of economics and governance, and that we like to work closely and collaborate with other DAOs and communities. I think it gets a similar position across, but I don’t want people to think that we might do research on behalf of these other DAOs.

Thanks for organizing the DAO rush week event!


It’s my pleasure.
I’m honored to be trusted with the responsibility.

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