DAOn to Earth Episode 1 is Live

Alright, folks! For those of you that were unable to make it to the recording of the first podcast episode, you are now able to listen to the recording. For those of you that did attend the live recording, you may notice that my half of the conversation is completely different. This is because we had some technical difficulties and only Luke’s side of the conversation got saved :sweat_smile: This is also why it has taken so long to get the episode up because it turns out redubbing in one half of a conversation and have it still sound like a somewhat natural is not a quick task. I am not an audio engineer, but I think it turned out pretty decently, all things considered. Please let me know what you think.

I think I have settled into the name of DAOn To Earth, but I am still open to suggestions. Thanks to @D0SH for the Buzz support, and thanks to @Efra for jumping in with designs for the logo so quickly :pray:t4:

The plan is to continue doing these hopefully on a bi-weekly basis, and I am hoping to have some other members of 1Hive and other DAOs on in order to grow the scope of content on the cast. If any of you have ideas for topics, or guests you would like to hear from, please comment below and let me know.

I hope you all enjoy it, and if you do, please share it with your friends :pray:t4:


I applaud and admire everything you do and contribute to the community 1hive, every job or thing you do you do in the best possible way, great job and all my support for you!

good vibes for you and that everything you do every day is better, congratulations for your great work @CurlyBracketEffect :four_leaf_clover:

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Thank you for recording this man!, I really appreciate this! Amazing ! @CurlyBracketEffect

@CurlyBracketEffect thanks for the massive effort mate… I will dig into this over the weekend. It is really exciting that you want to open up the stage to other DAOs and widen the scope of this podcast… I truly enjoy your style and learn a lot from it. I will be on the lookout in the other DAOs i am invovled in to see if i can get anyone interested to come share the stage and have a chat. Have you thought about language barrier though… coz i see some serious technical users in some DAOs who struggle to express due to language barrier. We could sort of do like a quick translation if there is capability in the Luna swarm?

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Yeah I mean that would be awesome. Sadly English is the only language I am fluent in, but I think it would be epic if someone had the time and capability to translate and reproduce these. Sounds like a big task but I would support that for sure!

thank you so much… i was searching for it and there u are…

Hey great idea! I speak 3 languages already, fluent in 2, half-assed in the 3rd, but spanish unfortunately isnt one of them. I’d volunteer on this

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It would be interesting, to be able to hear this kind of thing in my language spanish :pray: although I am already working on speaking English! @CurlyBracketEffect

It is a very good and interesting work @CurlyBracketEffect
If possible
Also publish the text of the podcast so that it can be translated and used

Great work man, im glad that I could collaborate and be part of this!

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