DAOn To Earth Episode 2 is Live

:tada::studio_microphone: The second episode of DAOn To Earth is now up for re-listening. :studio_microphone::tada:

In this episode, we dig deeper into aspects of the 1Hive DAO. We start off with the new farming mechanism the Tulip Swarm has been working on. We then go on to imagine what 1Hive might look like as layer 2 solutions become more feasible. We discuss how important memes are in building community and the ways Honey finds its way into the hands of dedicated community members. We also sprinkle in some questions from the audience.

Thanks again to @lkngtn for being an awesome guest and thanks to all those that asked questions and came to the recording :pray:t4:

I also started a Twitter account for the show, so please consider following and retweeting :honeybee:


Buenas noches, para el proximo capitulo podrian subirlo a youtube, es la unica forma para la habla hispana con los subtitulos automaticos de entender sobre que estan hablando

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Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am working on a way to get these converted to a format that can be uploaded to YouTube

Hey @CurlyBracketEffect mate just so that these cool podcasts don’t get lost in the forums threads and also for consistency (apologies i am anal about shit like that !!) could you rename the title of this thread https://forum.1hive.org/t/the-podcast-is-live/3604 as β€œDAOn to Earth Episode 1 is Live”. It would also be nice if we had like a community curated content channel in Discord where links to these and other cool stuff like the AGAVE and BEEZU DAO rush week talks could be added.

Any thoughts on the above @metaverde ?

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@CurlyBracketEffect Great job, you are excellent at what you do brother! the best energies for you, and I hope that youtube link to be able to read through subtitles :white_check_mark:

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Thanks for recording and fast upload…no one will miss a single episode this way😍

Thank you for recording and uploading. If the whole session is recorded in Maine and uploaded to you tube, it is great.