DAOs: Work of the Future, Today

As there’s a good number of people here who are sold on the idea of DAOs being a transformative way to work, now and moving forward, I thought I would lend some perspective, based on my experience, that has worked well that may be useful as you plan your professional 2022 pursuits.

I do 10 hours per DAO or project, which amounts of a full day. I take breaks that allows my brain to refresh along with playing some golf, exercising, or having a business lunch with someone I enjoy.

There’s a productivity podcast by Cal Newport who speaks on the importance of digital minimalism and how code switching—going from one task to another—will deteriorate your focus and lower the quality of work you’re able to do. Your professional flow state occurs when you’re hours into a project—with 5 minute breaks ever hour—and being pulled away by an email or distracting Discord notification can necessitate 45 minutes of time of get back to where you were focus wise. Ultimately, when you’re working on a working group, you’re accountable for your own work and productivity so you need to fiercely guard your focus. Your professional career depends upon it.

The full-day model of focusing on a project—with no more than two tasks—stamps out the anxiety of having to switch back and forth between a million things and expending mental energy trying to balance 8 things happening and once and determinate their level of importance in real time. Putting out fires is a part of work but if you create a process whereby you can address it at the end of the day or have someone handle it for you in your stead, you’ll be much better served in the long run.

The success of 1Hive is not only the high level people in @lkngtn @paul @paulo @twells and others but it’s also the structure of the working group swams. Being able to isolate your talents and interests and contribute the best of what you can do to the group is ideal organizational game theory. I think once you’re in a group that you’re comfortable with then it should be a balance of doing what you are good at and enjoy as well as continually learning with EdX/Coursera/LinkedIn Learning courses that expand your expertise. For every 1000 people who can make a compelling Tweet there is 1 who can deftly code backend database languages or do important technical tasks so when you specialize you introduce the opportunity to earn more due to the scarcity of your skill set so that should be a continual push to ensure that your skills are in demand. With asynchronous education readily accessible—I’m getting my engineering masters at a university 3000 miles away—from the top instructors, it’s a great time to level-up whatever skills you aspire to absorb.

I wish you all well in the New Year and if you need any advice on growth hacking your career reach out to me at @REKT on Twitter and I would be happy to give you any advice I can! Happy 2022!