Dev Cred Proposal

Dev Cred will continuously reward code contributions to the following set of 1Hive repos

I will use SourceCred to calculate contributions and Multisender to distribute HONEY on a weekly basis.


220 HNY

  • Four weekly distributions of 50 HONEY
  • Management reward of 20 HONEY


  • Four weeks (200 HONEY) of will be sent to private key controlled by me
  • I will run the Sourcecred algorithm to determine the weighting of the week’s distribution
  • Eligible participants scores will be scaled by the weekly distribution budget and sent using multisender


Anyone who contributes to the whitelisted repos will accumulate cred.

However, to distribute honey, an xDAI address is required. for the DevCred MVP, contributors must

  • register a 3Box profile with their GitHub account
  • link the 3Box profile in the #did-a-thing channel in the 1Hive discord

I think it quite useful to have a super narrow scope in terms of repos, the ones listed are very much what I would consider our top priorities right now, but I think it would be interesting to consider other repos as well, or possibly just use the whole org (we don’t really use it for anything other than dev work since we moved the blog to ghost and knowledge base to notion).

Curious if others have any thoughts on this? I don’t feel strongly and will support the initiative with whatever configuration you think makes most sense.

There is an argument to make for simply including the whole organisation. It comes down to what we are trying to incentivise. So we want to incentivise contributors to focus on the top priorities, or do we want to incentivise contributors to work on lower priority projects in their spare time. I feel like the second would be more beneficial, there are already incentives to work on the top priorities as they have a budget associated with them.

Also from an operational perspective, its easier to run SoureCred on a whole organisation instead of whitelisting repos

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Cool, it feels like starting with the whole org and then seeing if we have any weird issues where it feels skewed makes sense.

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This proposal passed! :tada:

We also have the basic infrastructure running working but not hosted anywhere. I think we probably need to create some basic documentation for how to onboard, how to see/audit the cred distribution, and then start to summarize the distribution (I think maybe just using this forum thread or updating the top post each week) might be a reasonable place to start.

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What Is Dev Cred

Devcred uses SourceCred to measure contribution to the 1Hive GitHub organization. SourceCred calculated a score for contributors every week. The Cred Scores are viewable at


We will use 3Box to validate xDAI addresses to GitHub profiles. xDAI addresses are simply Ethereum addresses on the xDAI network. Your regular Ethereum keys work on xDAI. Here is a guide to adding xDAI to Metamask. To register, all you have to do is drop a link to your 3Box profile in the #did-a-thing channel in the 1Hive discord channel.


Starting Monday 19th July, we will distribute 50 HONEY weekly. Eligible contributors will receive a percentage of the weekly budget. I have created a node application to assist in the calculation process.

The application takes a nestedjson object with GitHub profiles and xDAI Addresses. I will keep the address book up to date in this gist, and post the weekly distribution in this thread.


To audit the distribution, clone this repo, and follow the instructions in the readme.