Discussion: Price of AGVE

Hi to all bees :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:

I have been airdropped some AGVE by the very generous airdrop event of a few days ago. Thanks! It is exciting that the community decided to give to community members a stake in the protocol.

Currently 1AGVE = 200usd, approximately.
There are 100.000 AGVE, so the current market cap is of about ~20m USD.

I would like to hear your opinions about the potential future price of AGVE.
What is your expectation? And more importantly, why?

Thanks in advance! :honeybee:


Generally the standard practice is to look at the market cap with respect to the circulating supply, and refer to the assumed market cap of all the tokens as the β€œfully diluted market cap”, the remainder of the tokens will be distributed over time from the DAOs treasury via governance decisions, which are made by current AGVE holders, so near future valuation probably should be based on the circulating supply valuation which is currently about 6.5M


Great question, I was considering buying some AGAVE if i could have got them for the initial intended price of $5, but I think with the issue at launch and the way the price has moved, I have tried to read up on all that is available on the project and here is my take:

  1. Taking into account that the current price is currently based on speculation, I would think the price action would really depend on how the team provides updates to the community and how the community perceives those updates.
  2. If there is not enough action and updates, i assume price will fizz in the short term before it gains back when the actual project goes live.

There is an update on the project I found in another thread which may help you gauge progress.


Agave can reach HNY token eassly , you Will see, its supply is very low.


Imho AGVE token is going in the direction of AAVE. What do you guys think about that? It’s an AAVE fork so… it might not be to crazy to think that price around 400$ is our target.
I admit that I’m lacking basic knowledge about market caps and tokenomicks so maybe someone can enlighten me if I assumed wrong