Donations to the Treasury?

Hello, I’m a relatively new participant here - my first exposure being July 2021.

Lately I’ve been reading up more on this entire operation, the DAO, and its the most intensive community in action I’ve come across. I’m really motivated to “buy in” and continue upping my participation here.

That being said, as the dev who handles social media marketing for Devcoin ( I would be happy to make a nice donation from our project, from my personal funds, to yours as at you can read about our on-going mission since 2011 to support open source developers and development of open source projects.

Again this is a personal donation and our asset isn’t really trading on its only exchange (FreiExchange dot com in case you wanna look)… but we are moving on to a sister project to help us scale and open up new markets to Devcoin hodler’s that should increase its price by using our planned Syscoin “NEVM” (basically Syscoin project’s EVM compatible platform) token. It’s going to be an Ethereum (ERC-20) token released on Syscoin’s “NEVM” … so I expect future bridging plus exposure to other EVM compatible chains (xDai perhaps? :slight_smile: one could only hope!). I would like to donate 10 million DVC if possible to the treasury but if your threshold is more or less of a donation amount we could talk.

Surely, just an opening discussion, but I want to show that Devcoin’s mission is very much alive through it’s current active “A-Team” (admin team) which includes our current lead dev (since 2014!) and co-founder of the project (July 2011 DVC was born!)… Let me know your thoughts. We do our own treasuries perhaps I could convince our co-founder who is very active (markm from bitcointalk dot org forums) to add HNY to our own Devcoin treasury!

I just figured I’d ask since this seems like a place open to its contributors proposals despite their length of involvement. And since being here you all have made me feel welcome so this is a thanks to you all hopefully I can find a way to contribute.

Daniel Treccia (aka satoshi0x_#4106 on discord)

EDIT: 10 million devcoins may not seem like much but at one point this project was worth 150 sats per DVC in 2014 and with merge mining with Bitcoin (BTC) main chain ongoing since 2011 we have one of the most secure chains in all bitcoin based blockchains.

EDIT 2: Maybe right now is not the best time for this but let it be known my intention to help get some DVC into supporting HNY and 1Hive in ways that I can going forward remain. We can talk amounts as the price becomes clearer but I trust our devs and I think our price action will shock the unaware world into taking a look at Social platforms/token currencies as well as points systems for things like contributions in writing, music, marketing, and digital assets like artwork and so on. So much of it ties together it wouldn’t shock me if a devcoiner from years past is already here carrying on the ethical mission to fund FOSS and FOSS devs. :slight_smile: :wink: