DRAFT: NewBee Onboarding Program

I like the reasoning behind but I’m not sure that’s an optimal way to go about it.

It’s also definitely a bit tricky as I don’t think more advanced/experienced users don’t really need that kind of help, but then I’m not sure we have enough stuff to keep people that are absolutely new to the space around.

Like what I really mean is I’m not sure it’s worth the complexity.

I will say that helping with onboarding and recruiting new members does actually pay some places, at least in recognition and cred.
It’s going to be easier to get people from mundane tech into DAOs that have a stronger support network for newbies.

Oh yeah, can’t argue that. In fact, I think we actually kind of do that (that kind of help is what helped me) we just need to strengthen it.

One solution would be enforcing the onboarding culture, e.g. we have the welcome bounty with rewards you for reading the wiki (which now that I think about it it’s kind of hard to find when entering).

At least for the radio thing going on I’m thinking about including some community activities that hopefully can ease the overwhelming onboarding and bring the community even closer.

I agree that it may not be necessary, but I’d also push back on the idea that this solution is especially complex or would be hard to administrate.

At our current size, I believe a 3 person swarm armed with a good spreadsheet could run the whole program with just a few hours a week

this is interesting, thanks for your post. I generally agree with enti and meta.

Onboarding is extremely important, I agree, and some people need more guidance than others. But there’s already a very well performing support swarm helping with lots of “newbie” questions and creds are minted for that, in addition to being paid for being in the support swarm.

Just t share my personal experience, I got in touch and stayed around thanks to the faucet. It is now worth next to nothing, so I stopped claiming months ago, but that was a great way to keep engagement going, for a pretty low cost.

We’ve often talked about the faucet, eventually I’d be happy if we can restore it for new users; these, instead of having to stake hny, would receive it, which is a bigger incentive.

Just my opinion of course, but this seems to overlap a bit with the general friendly vibe and willingness to help that everyone already shows :slight_smile:


Honey faucet works well and I collect my drip daily.

yeah, it works, but distributes 0.0001 hny. At current price it is 6 cents, so i doubt people are very excited about it. but a refilled faucet with a different system is another way to stimulate onboarding. i don’t want to go out of topic, it’s interesting to talk about enlarging our community

The easiest way to decide if this works might be to just try it and find out. We could set a proposal for 10HNY, which would get us six months rewards for 20+ active NewBees, at which point the program can either be further funded by the community or spun down.

Can we call it Brood Swarm or has StarCraft ruined that for us?

Would love to see something new for onboarding new Bees. In my opinion i don’t think this is a great approach to solve this. Speaking from experience with the welcome bounty BuzzDAO has created we realized the initiative is great but everything that comes with it logistically speaking is very grunt and i believe your resources and expertise could be used for a better cause( love ur work so far on Tulip <3) With that in mind i would encourage you to speak to @Felix and the Quest swarm as you may find ways to develop Quests for newbees with that swarm


Hey @ceresbzns thanks for bringing up this topic. It feels like deja vu to me. Here is something that I wrote when i was a shiny new bee here. https://forum.1hive.org/t/training-academy-for-onboarding-and-ongoing-training/3128. Your post reminds me of the frustration I had when I first discovered 1Hive, was unable to grasp the DAO concept and grappled with how I wanted to be a part of this amazing space but was really confused on where to start.
I know your intention is well meant, but from my experience if you want to attract and retain talented bees for the future of 1Hive, I would pivot this idea a little on the side and may be use scouting beez to recognise talented beez from being around the hive. I have monitored the “Introduce Yourself” post on the forum while looking for others that I could collaborate with and the amount of posts that have some really talented and passionate ideas in participating and wanting to contribute to this ecosystem is amazing. If we think that it will help, I think the best way to find more talented and caring beez is by looking for them around our community entry points and trying to get them engaged in things that interest them the most and thus allowing them to be able to feel like they are part of the commune! Sort of like what metagames does I guess.
Also +1 with meta and others that staking HNY could be really onerous on newbeez, especially if they come from background where that could be substantial amount. So we should let this be more fair and focus on peoples skills and talents!
Those are my thoughts any ways!

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Thanks for your feedback, everyone! The common thread I’m seeing is “yes onboarding is important, but this doesn’t seem like a good strategy” so I’ll shelve this particular concept and continue to think about other ways to approach the problem.


@D0SH I totally agree with your answer logistically it would be hard work, training New bees since this process requires time.

The incorporation and integration of the new bees is important, only that it would require a lot of time and dedication, let’s say training, already through other methods such as the search would be different, since through this method it would be known in which each of the new bees sticks out, Greetings

Cool concept pairing the more seasoned members with newcomers I like that part the most. Upon first arrival 1Hive can seem like a very large and overwhelming place with a wealth of knowledge to sort through and if you’re new to the xDAI chain it can be difficult learning the ropes. I was lucky to make some friends within the community who would take the time to educate me further. Having someone to go to, have a chat, share a screen and click some buttons with would be so helpful for people who lack the skills to get more involved or might be intimidated by the learning barrier.

What if there was something like treasure map, and you needed to approach seasoned bees, swarms or projects within the 1Hive ecosystem (kind of like a pokemon gym leader but more friendly) to learn a lesson about each of the sections that make up 1Hive. For example you go to Celeste channel in 1Hive discord, say hello and that you are here to learn and earn your badge (rewarded as an NFT upon completion) the leader bee from each gym will respond and ask them to complete a task like stake HNY in celeste or read a 1Hive forum post and answer a questionnaire/riddle. Another could be in the proposals channel and completing your first vote. Earn all 8 badges to become a Seasoned Bee and maybe a little bit of HNY. You could even do an Elite 4 for the advanced Bees!


I love this, as a bee who helped onboard at least 5 other people step by step into 1hive I can say I would love something implemented as a reward for those who use their time to help others understand what we do around here.

You just found the first ScountBee! :rofl: :honeybee: :honeybee:

This sounds like an interesting quest idea, so they would need to perform the action to earn their nft badge, i like this and it is also a way to ensure against sybil attacks cause it will require some time and dedication to earn all badges.

So new bees could have quests or get on NFT hunts to earn badges and learn about 1Hive which it also ensures that they engaged with the community, answered some questions, solved some puzzles and got more experienced on 1Hive Dao activities. I think this can be very good … each swarm can make a quest and POAP.


This is the way. Even a little bit of engagement can start people on the road to feeling more comfortable and ready to go in deeper, either in their education into blockchain tech or 1Hive swarm involvement.

@altcoins the main thing is to have the desire to learn or get involved!

I believe that everything in life is the result of effort and perseverance and the integration of each of the members, whether new or old bees is vital for the ecosystem 1hive

@solarmkd Your proposal is interesting, and if any of those swarms require help to design some poaps or badges, I will make myself available! I love this perspective and it is a friendly way to integrate new members !!


I’m doubling down on the well presented ideas @ceresbzns laid out. I think this is ready to shake the draft status and get some traction. I just mention it because we hit the 2 week point and I think the consensus is overwhelmingly enthusiastic and supportive of this push.

Just following-up to the weekly Discord on this issue, @ceresbzns mentioned that if I wanted to take the lead on this that I would free to do so. Happy to pick-up the reigns and run with it. This is an important push that I think is a worthwhile endeavor. @lkngtn gave me some improvement suggestions to kick it off and keep things on track. Once we get the swarm activated on the Discord I would love help from whomever has Solidity, Canva, or insight to join the conversation!

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