Dripp.farm is not working

Does anyone has an answer for that.
The site flashes for a moment and then disappears into blank after loading.
The problem is been reported frequently on Discord, But no one seems to answer, care or give an answer.

Please share anything about it.

For everyone asking the same question. Finally a quasi answer.
This is a copy/paste from an announcement in the official Discord channel from SHE

Victor | Shenaniganvandaag om 04:56

@everyone Ok. Here we go. We had a great success with the LP of ALVIN and SHWEATPANTS. However due to an overlooked value in the Staking contracts, 50 of each Dripp tokens are locked up indefinitely. You can still purchase and trade ALVIN and SHWEATPANTS freely, however there will be a migration contract to fix the error and get staking online. I appreciate your excitement and your patience with the launch. Stay tuned for new updates.
ALSO xdai rpc went down during launch so the site is on the fritz. It should be back up by tomorrow(bewerkt)

Staking has since come online!! Be sure to pick up HNY and PRTLE and head over to https://www.dripp.farm/staking to start earning ALVIN and SHWEATPANTS

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thanks will take a look asap. I was yesterday at Discord and the admins and devs also ensured they were working on it very hard. they were updating the progress around minutes

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There are still some minor problem been worked on.
This is the last update from the admins and devs on Discord. PS. Quoted

solarmkd :honeybee:vandaag om 19:09

The staking on Hny-Prtcle is suspended cause there was a bug which Victor was trying to fix, therefore he had to stop the the staking and trading and will continue on debugging when he wakes up.

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