Dubbing into spanish

Hi bees :honeybee:, some of you already know me as a little Spanish dubber about English videos.
First let me introduce myself, I’m @VirgateGrunt an (unofficial) independent voice actor. I’ve been in this job for 5 years and when I entered to 1hive a while ago I never thought it would give me a great opportunity, the truth is I’m very grateful with 1hive community for what I have managed to do :relaxed:.

This is what I’ve done within the 1hive DAO.

I present the update on Hivecraft in dubbed English and Spanish:
1. Hivecraft Updates - English - June 2021
2. Hivecraft Updates - Español - June 2021
This video was a spoonful.

I Introduce the new format by dubbing 1Hive TV :honeybee: :tv::
1. 1Hive TV - Episode #1 - Español
2. 1Hive TV - Episode #2 - Español In this video @Akaza helped me by doubling to Lea Schmitt

Tutorials :hammer_and_wrench::
1. Como entrar a 1Hive - Guía para principiantes
2. Connect your account hivecraft to metamask
3 Connect your account hivecraft to metamask - Español

1hive Monthly Recap :
1. 1Hive Monthly Recap - September 2021 - Español
2. 1Hive Monthly Recap - Octuber 2021 - Español

I’ve done a lot more stuff like designs and gifs. What I’m interested in showing you what I’ve done outside of 1hive.

These are small jobs about fandubs:
1. Gatsu No Lion scene
2. Kekkai Sensen scene
3 My Hero Academia scene
4 Monkey’s Show | Contagious Christmas | sr pelo
5 fumetsu no anata e scene this fandub is special for the sound effects that were made at home

This is not much in these years but it is because it takes some time to do it alone. This is reason why I made this post: I want to ask you for help in dedicating myself to translating and expanding the world of dubbing in the DAO, trying to attract people from this medium to grow more, for that I need to improve my work team to do it much faster and more professional :heart:

What do you think? I would like to know what you think. You are free to put suggestions and doubts to talk about it


Cuenta con mi hacha :slight_smile:

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How should I reach you?

By discord, my nickname is Virgate Grunt in 1Hive @magna

I’ll send you a DM on Discord! I know little Spanish from school. I can also be of help!

nice contributions, It will be nice to see more content creators for spanish videos since 1hive has many spanish/latin members :slight_smile:

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Interesting contribution. Good skill :+1:


No es necesario que traduscas youtube lo realiza automaticamente.

Hay personas que les gusta escuchar que leer mientras están haciendo alguna cosa. También se da entender que la comunidad está creciendo y no solamente en idioma inglés, también estoy dando la iniciativa para alguien que le guste doblarlo en otro idioma como japonés, francés y etc.

Es cierto pero es mejor mantener un solo canal como te indico youtube lo traduce automaticamente