ELK-xCOMB Dual Reward Farms

proposal is to fund a round of the xcomb-elk farm with hny for 1 round. see question and previous discussion on elk farms here

Proposal description:
Elk finance has recieved $20,000 in $STAKE rewards to incentives liquidity providers and thus liquidity flow to Gnosis chain for the months of Nov-Dec. As of Dec 25th Elk was awarded another $20,000 in GNO rewards incentivizing the xdai-ELK, GNO-ELK pair. Elk is a burn and mint bridge migrating to decentralized node operators which allows liquidity flow from any of the networks including; ftm, matic, avax, bsc, moonriver, gnosis and many others. Elk is using the $GNO rewards as an opportunity to ignite some cross marketing exposure by asking protocols if they are interested in partnering in this program as well.

Since the start of the program in Nov Elk finance has seen ~$2.5M in transfers to gnosis chain across the elkNet. The following protocols have participated since Nov: STAKE, FOX, AGVE, HNY, BRIGHT, SYMM, COLD, PUNKS, XGT, and RARE. Most recently FOX has requested to renew another 42 days starting in early Jan.

Proposal Rationale
The idea is $GNO is rewarding xdai-elk and gno-elk pools. $ELK is rewarding all other pools at a rate to maintain approximately 100% APR. Elk has been partnering with as many protocols interested in providing some amount of incentives such as $5,000. As new partners rotate through the program they would see these projects receiving high rewards and would provide marketing and network exposure. An ama and/or an article can be published and occasionally retweeting each others protocols and the farms to maintain exposure is requested as well.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
pending proposal execution to fund approximately $5k in $HNY to the elk-xcomb farm on elk.finance. dual reward farm will last 42 days.

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
As many of you know elk-Hny was funded $5k Hny back in december and elk has funded the pair approximately 6months x 55 elk/day ~ $25k in return.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested: 32.76 $HNY ~$5,000 for 42 day period

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


Great, i hope we can help xComb price with this cause it will gain additional utility, cause we need more time to get some work done on Honeycomb itself but this should keep at least xcomb liquidity providers in better position for the token.

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