Eth pr dao gnosis safe multi_sig

Set Up Gnosis Safe Multi-Sig Wallet for ETH PR DAO

Having a gnosis safe multi-sig wallet will expand the functionality and stability of the DAO by taking advantage of the different features and integrations on the gnosis chain.

With a 3 of 5 signing wallet, we can do

  • airdrops
  • NFT sales
  • liquidity management and de-fi strategies

here is a list of all the apps available for integration

The gnosis safe would be the anchor for the relaunch of the ETH PR DAO 2.0

We will need 5 people to volunteer to be signers. I would also ask that a small tribute of 100 xdai be made to the safe for each signer so that there is skin in the game. Signers could be awarded $RICO token for their service.

What else do we need to gnow about gnosis safe on gnosis chain?

What other questions seems important to ask?


I’m game :wave: do I just send my address to you?

I’m also happy to contribute to ETH PR and be a signer on the Gnosis Safe.